Trap glitches have been a recurring bug in Fortnite. They’ve reared their ugly heads again in the v11.40 patch.

Fortnite v11.40 was the first Fortnite patch in over a month. It brought us a few new features but seemed to have even more bugs attached.


We’ve already seen Epic address two troublesome bugs with the v11.40 patch. They’re working on fixes for the ability to shoot through wooden ramps and the inability to edit while looking straight down.

One Fortnite player has discovered another bug in the v11.40 patch. This one has been in and out of Fortnite since turbo-building first came out: the trap glitch.

For those who don’t know, the trap glitch involves placing a trap on both sides of a floor. We’ve seen this bug repeatedly, although it sometimes requires specific actions like facing a ramp or cone.

This bug allows you to place two traps on the floor beneath you. To do this, you should stand next to a floor while looking straight with your traps out. Line it up so your trap is barely sticking, then spam ‘place’ while angling your camera slightly down.

Thankfully, this bug isn’t as consistent as other trap glitches in the past. It took me a few times to complete in creative, and you won’t always be able to pull it off in-game.

If there’s a wall next to the floor, for instance, the trap will want to place on the wall instead – rendering this bug useless.

It’s important to know about these exploits, even if you don’t plan on using them. Be extra careful if an enemy takes your ceiling until Epic fixes this bug.

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