With Fortnite Chapter 2 ushering in a new map and new plotline to Fortnite, many theories are popping up as to what will come next. This theory merges ‘Save the World’ and ‘Battle Royale’ into a single story.

Fortnite fans are eagerly awaiting the Season 10 event that will bring us to Fortnite Chapter 2. Today, we heard some news that confirmed the existence of a new map for us to explore and a completely new storyline outside of anything we’ve seen.

We can only guess as to what the new map and new story will bring us. We may have heard a clue or two in the Visitor Recordings, however. Here are their locations if you’re still trying to complete your Overtime challenges.

Once you find all of the tapes and locate the Visitor’s terminal in Dusty Depot, you’ll be able to listen to the entire message as the Visitor intended.

This theory revolves around the line, “When I hear this, again, will it help me remember? Or once Looped will I be just as muted as the others?” If you think about it, we’ve never heard anyone speak in the Battle Royale universe outside of this recording. Characters in Save the World have voices, so why doesn’t anyone talk in Battle Royale?

Popular YouTuber Ali-A has a theory that gives the “muted” nature of Battle Royale significance, as well as the “loop” of the BR format.

This theory could bring the two Fortnite worlds together, and finally, give our Battle Royale characters a voice.

Epic has been talking about making Save the World a free-to-play game since it first came out. The game has been in Beta for years, and Fortnite Chapter 2 could finally be the time we see StW as a full product.

Fortnite: Save the World

Save the World is relatively fun, but it’s a completely different experience from Battle Royale. Tim Sweeney, Epic Games founder, described the game as, “Minecraft meets Left For Dead”

Not everyone will enjoy the original Fortnite game, but it’s a great way to earn some free V-Bucks. I’ve been able to get thousands of V-Bucks from Save the World by simply logging on every day.

What’s your theory about Fortnite Chapter 2? Let us know in the comments!

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