The next Fortnite crossover could be Fortnite X Birds of Prey with a skin for the leading lady.

‘Birds of Prey,’ set to release February 7, could be part of the reason that Epic decided to delay Fortnite Season 2. We could be seeing another ‘Fortnite X’ crossover two months after the Fortnite X Star Wars event.


Rumors of a potential Fortnite X Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn skin began early on the morning of January 24. Warner Bros. Pictures tweeted a GIF of the ‘Birds of Prey’ cast with the caption, “Name a better flock. We’ll wait.”

The official Fortnite account replied and said, “See you soon Harley,” with a sly smile. Warner Bros. responded to the comment, saying that they couldn’t wait.

What does this signify if not for an eventual crossover between Fortnite and ‘Birds of Prey?’ This wouldn’t be the first time that Fortnite dipped into the DC Universe. The Batman and Catwoman skins have been in the game since Season X.

As stated above, this collaboration may be part of the reason Epic decided to extend the season, which was originally set to end on February 6 – one day before Birds of Prey releases. A crossover to end the season makes more sense than a crossover to begin a new one.

We have to wait and see what will come, but we could see the Harley Quinn skin in Fortnite as early as the v11.50 update. We’ll keep you posted.

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