Fortnite will be pairing up with Uniqlo to bring stylish and affordable merchandise to fans.

Epic Games have revealed their next major collaboration project as a partnership with clothing brand, Uniqlo. The company is specifically known for their modest pricing and clean designs.

The reveal came in a tweet on Thursday, July 25, a day before the start of the Fortnite World Cup. Several influncers were quick to show off some of the products via social media.

Fortnite X Uniqlo Collaboration Coming Soon

Epic didn’t want to spill every detail about the Uniqlo partnership just yet. All we have so far, officially, is a teaser via the Fortnite main account.

As Uniqlo is a clothing brand, the most obvious form of ‘collab’ for the two companies is in the form of Fortnite themed clothes. This might range from shirts and hoodies to sweaters and more! It’s quite an exciting development as the brand’s pricing should allow a wide audience to buy up the merch.

With that said, neither Epic or Uniqlo have released anything else about the ‘crossover’ at this time. We expect prices and a web store for the items to go up in the coming days. Epic Games may use the Fortnite World Cup Finals as a way to promote this new venture with Uniqlo.

Ninja posted a picture of himself sporting a possible Uniqlo hoodie at the Finals venue. No confirmation on that front yet, but we’re fairly confident this is a sneak-peek of the hoodies that will be available.

Also, MonsterDface posted an image of himself wearing a Fortite Llama shirt. The commentator/content creator specifically mentions Uniqlo in the tweet.

No additional details have been released about any of the products so far. We also don’t know if Epic Games intends to have some in-game Uniqlo content. While this could be the case, the collaboration will probably mainly focus on the new Fortnite themed clothing.

What do you think of this new merch deal from Epic and Uniqlo? We certainly think it’s a great look from the first pictures and hope to see more soon. Our wallets are at the ready!

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