Epic Games has updated the Team Rumble gamemode with a hotfix on April 10th. The hotfix looks to improve the overall quality of gameplay for the gamemode with better loot, chaotic end-games, and more.

Team Rumble has been a popular gamemode since it launched for Fortnite and became a regular addition to the core modes of the game. With this said, it’s gotten pretty stagnant due to most players simply using it to complete challenges or end-games are quite boring.


Epic Games has issued an hotfix for Team Rumble that seeks to improve on the shortcomings of the game mode.

Team Rumble April 10 Patch Notes

Epic released a quick tweet about the hotfix and its contents which linked to a further explanation.

The Reddit post was posted to the FortniteBR subreddit with a list of patch notes for Team Rumble. Here is the full list given by Epic Games on Reddit:

‘We have just deployed a hotfix to update Team Rumble with a few changes.’

  • Increased Eliminations to win the match from 100 to 150
  • Decreased the final circle radius from 20000 to 12500 to promote a more chaotic late game
  • Removed one minute from first circle shrink time to force combat to occur sooner
  • Increased chest and floor loot spawn chances from 80-90% to 100%
  • Increased Assault Rifle spawn chances by 67% in chests
  • Decreased Suppressed Pistol spawn chances by 75%
  • Supply drops now drop two Legendary weapons and two additional consumables
  • Increased Compact SMG and shotgun drop chances by 50% in supply drops
  • Decreased Rocket Launcher spawn chances by 50% in chests and 67% in supply drops
  • Lowered Spike Trap drop chance by 50% (resulting in an increase to launch pads and campfires)

The update promises to improve the overall quality of the gamemode to bring it par with the other modern Fortnite experiences.

What can you expect from the changes

We believe that the experience will vastly more fun to play with these changes. Rocket Launchers have been overly prevalent in the mode for too long and the reduction in spawns will allow for more gunfighting.

That also means that you can practice your shotgun and AR skills much more easily. In addition, the new 150 kill cap will allow for longer game with smaller storm circles. The gameplay will actually be quite similar to the end games of the competitive Fortnite.

A reduction in Rockets for Team Rumble is a welcome change – via Epic Games

It could prove a great place to practice those tricky, spammy end-game fights.

More loot means you will be able to experiement much more openly with different types of weaponry. Spike Traps have also been reduced which means even more gunfighting.

In conclusion, Team Rumble will simply feature a lot more gun-on-gun action than in the past.