The Greasy Grove rift zone in Fortnite calls for mandatory Taco Time, which requires players in the area to drop everything they’re doing and start dancing, but Epic Games have nerfed the duration significantly.

If you’ve played Fortnite since the return of Greasy Grove, you’ll know a lot of changes have come to the fan-favorite location that greatly affects the way players move around there.

Players will randomly be hit with the Taco Time mechanic which forces players to dance around and become invulnerable to damage for a set amount of time.

Greasy Grove before Tacos took over.

There are ways to avoid dancing entirely but that won’t help you a whole since the enemies are still invincible.

Fortnite players complained a lot about the Taco Time mechanic and Epic Games revealed it was being nerfed on September 20. Along with the Taco Time change, they actually fixed the storms ending in rift zones issue.

“We have improved Storm logic to better avoid Final Storm Circles occurring at the POIs they’re prohibited from, and we have reduced the dance duration of Taco Time by half.”

This will help cut back on the complaints of Taco Time interrupting the game too much. As it was before, Greasy Grove wasn’t a good spot to be in considering how often you’d be interrupted while looting in the early game.

On the bright side, games will no longer be able to end in rift zones so players won’t have to worry about having a miserable ending to a game.

Going forward into Season 11, we expect to see the rift zones disappear so players won’t have to worry about mechanics like this, or the Prop Hunt zone, affecting things going forward.

Perhaps Greasy Grove will finally have a chance to return to its former glory in the next season. We’ll even settle for the taco restaurant being replaced by the Durr Burger building at this point.

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