A Fortnite event is happening right now and it flew a bit under the radar compared to most events.

The Fortnite Summer Trials is pitting ten streamers head-to-head in all 14 LTMs being released during 14 Days of Summer.

While most streamers are happily celebrating the return of the Pump Shotgun – along with plenty of other good changes – Dakotaz is focused on LTMs.

If you haven’t heard of this event, you’re not alone. It hasn’t been tweeted by the official account and I can’t even find an Epic page featuring the event.

Dakotaz is the only American streamer participating in the event. The other nine streamers come from various European and Latin countries.

The full list of competitors can be found in the tweet below:

We still don’t know much about this event. Because most of the other competitors don’t stream or have social media in English, it has been hard to gain info.

Epic will likely announce the event soon, but until that happens we have to piece together the rules from various tweets.

German streamer AmarcodTV said he was ‘abnormally hyped’ for the event:

This translates to: “I was invited by Epic Games to a 25k Prizepool tournament where 10 Content Creator play the LTMs each day for 14 days. I am abnormally hyped.”

Salvatretzzo from the Domincan Republic also tweeted about the event last night:

His tweet when translated says: “All the participants of the Summer Trials! It’s time for some good laughs and have fun like never before.”

And the last tweet I could find from the event came from Dutch streamer Royalistiq.

When translated this tweet says: “FortniteAM was TOP, but it’s time for the next step again. Next stop: Fortnite Summer Trials (with a prize pool of $ 25,000)! Tonight the first Livestream at 20.30!”

I was hoping one of those tweets might shine some more light on this competition but at this point all we know is the ten people competing, the prize pool and the LTMs. Be sure to tune into a stream from one of the players to get a better idea of how the event works.

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