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TwitchCon 2018 is gearing up for the final of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish 2018, but not before an epic showdown between 100 players – pitting content creators against TwitchCon attendees.

Epic Games are hosting a showdown between 50 TwitchCon attendees and 50 content creators to determine who will become the champion of the Streamvitational. Here’s all the information regarding the match – when it happens, who is participating, and more.


The streamvitational will pit 50 Fortnite streamers against 50 TwitchCon attendees.


3 Matches
– 2 Solo Matches
– 1 Duos Match
(Streamers & TwitchCon Attendees)


Prizes Are Awarded At the End of Each Match

Players will get $750 minimum per game.

$10,000 Prize Bonus Solo
$20,000 Prize Bonus Duos


The stream-vitational will be taking place before the Fall Skirmish final on Sunday, October 28. It will be hosted at TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose, California at 10AM PDT. Viewers can watch the tournament on, or stay tuned for news about the event here at FortniteINTEL.


Here are the results of all three games from the tournament.

Game 3 – Duos Standings

Game 2 – Solo Standings

Kinstaar leads the second game with $30,000 USD won. Svennoss takes second with $22,750 and Sirwingz jumps into third place – winning $18,750 USD.

Game 1 – Solo Standings

As you can see, FearItself topped the leaderboard with exactly $30,000 USD. Just below them was Typical Gamer, who has $22,750 USD. Mickalow took third place, with $18,750 USD in prizes.

Coming up next is a second Solos match, then the tournament will conclude with a final Duos showdown just before the Fall Skirmish grand final.

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