Epic was doing so well. It seemed like they had learned from the Infinity Blade lesson and were going to try to better balance the meta.

You thought. Fortnite’s Season X brought in the BRUTE suit, a mech that has 1,000 health, can jump into the sky and land almost like Thanos and also has rockets and a another gun.

While you can’t move and shoot at the same time unless you are playing duos or squads, the BRUTE is still just so overpowered its not even funny. To be expected, the community was immediately up in arms.

The top post on both the more casual focused FortniteBR and the competitive focused FortniteCompetitive are calling out the strength of the BRUTE.

That’s a large section of the community who absolutely hates the addition. Individual streamers were having fun playing with the mech but absolutely hating when they had to go up against it.

Here’s Timthetatman laughing like a maniac as he absolutely destroys Pleasant Park.

Credit to HighDistortion, he knew during the Fortnite World Cup that it was only a matter of time before Epic came in and destroyed the meta they had built.

And those are all guys who are focused more on entertainment streaming than competitive play. The actual competitive community has been in an uproar all day.

Poach tells a sad mini-story in his tweets:

This feels like a similar situation to the planes back in the winter. Epic will introduce something way to strong and slowly nerf it each week before eventually removing it entirely while adding a new vehicle into the game.

Since the planes were first introduced, there has always been a strong vehicle in the game. The Baller was arguably the best in the state it reached before the World Cup, but now that vehicle is gone and we will be dealing with the BRUTE for at least the first half of Fortnite Season X. Yay.

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