100T SirDimetrious took to Twitter to demonstrate why Fortnite’s turbo building is currently broken.

He basically conducted a science experiment. To start, he showed what was wrong with turbo build, then he turned on a macro command that does the action turbo building is supposed to do automatically.

Playing with a macro is against Epic’s Terms of Service (ToS) so SirD only used it in the playground mode to make this demonstration:

That demo was liked by Daequan, Tfue, and NickEh30 showing that this problem has been felt by other notable members of the community as well.

In game, turbo building is supposed to automatically place walls without the player needing to confirm the placement. If a wall doesn’t go up where a player expects, that is often a death sentence as SirD shows in this gameplay video:

For now, SirD has turned turbo building off and has gone back to just clicking for each build placement. The ability to trust in his builds has made that a better way for him to build and he claims it is even quicker as well.

This can be added to the list of things Epic must address to keep the top-level players happy with Fortnite’s performance.

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