Anyone can hit a flipping trickshot in Fortnite, but what about an IRL flipping trickshot?

Trickshots are a bit of a dying art in Fortnite with the removal of the Driftboards. They aren’t gone, but it’s far less common to see players high-flying around the map in search of clips.

Trickshotting in Chapter 2 takes a bit more creativity. That’s what Jkeo15 had when he IRL flipped into a flipping trickshot while boosting into the air with a boat in Steamy Stacks. Yeah, that’s a lot of prep work.

Jkeo15 hit this shot not once, but twice. The first clip in the video is a clean kill, but the second is arguably more impressive. He sniped a player without being able to see them.

High-flying Driftboard trickshots aren’t possible at the moment, but a little creativity goes a long way. Any lucky player can hit a 360 no-scope while falling from a zipline. It takes some true skills to hit a shot after flipping in real life.

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