This recently-discovered Fortnite bug allows you to shoot an RPG through a cone. Try it out before it results in certain death.

Fortnite players are always finding new ways to gain a competitive advantage – some of which fall outside of the intended mechanics of the game.

There are all kinds of phasing strategies around right now. Most of these focus on phasing through a ramp and shooting an opponent who thinks they’re safe.

This new strategy that BrianHQ posted to Reddit doesn’t seem to have anything to do with phasing, though. You can simply shoot an RPG through your fully-built cone – no phasing required.

Will this strategy be overly useful? Probably not – but you will be able to find a place for it. It’s most effective while cone peeking in competitive. That being said, I can’t see anyone having the cajones to try this out in a competitive setting.

Messing this one up means a chunk of missing health. Is it worth a shot? Maybe in the most desperate of situations. Still, it’s good to know that this is out there.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.