A Fortnite dataminer has revealed the new challenges for Season 10’s week 8’s mission set which will be known as Storm Racer.

Fortnite Season X has brought constant map changes to the battle royale island, as well as new missions that have taken the place of the traditional challenges.

Like the challenges before them, the missions offer XP rewards, additional battle stars, and even special cosmetics for those who are able to knock off all 14 tasks. The Meteoric Rise challenges, which will unlock The Scientist, were revealed on September 11, but a new set of tasks labeled as Storm Racer will follow in their footsteps.

Fortnite Storm
Via Epic Games

Revealed by dataminer Archer_Fortnite, these Storm Racer missions are the week 8 set of mission challenges for Season 10.

As the name may suggest, they will task players will spending plenty of time in the storm – even though, you are usually doing your best to escape the closing zone – as well as being able to shoot enemies who are making their way down from the battle bus.

Like the missions that have come before them, the Storm Racer tasks will include normal and prestige types so that can earn an extra set of rewards for the time you put into the missions.

Via Archer_Fortnite

The full set of Week 8 Storm Racer Mission challenges can be found below, where we’ve even taken the liberty of splitting them into the normal and prestige tasks. 

Normal Storm Racers Challenges:

  • Gain health in the Storm (0/100)
  • Complete a lap of a race track (0/1)
  • Survive Storm phases (0/10)
  • Visit the center of a storm circle (0/1)
  • Land on Polar Peak, a Volcano and a hilltop with a circle of trees (0/1)
  • Complete a time trial East of Pleasant Park or South West of Salty Springs (0/1)
  • Dance at different telescopes (0/3)

Prestige Storm Racers Challenges:

  • Damage an opponent in the Storm (0/1)
  • Damage gliding opponents (0/100)
  • Deal damage to opponents after the first circle closes (0/500)
  • Visit the center of storm circles in a single match (0/3)
  • Deal any amount of fall damage to an opponent (0/1)
  • Complete a time trial North of Lucky Landing or East of Snobby Shores (0/1)
  • Dance at different telescopes in a single match (0/2)

As ever, these leaked challenges should be taken with a pinch of salt until they are live in-game and you’re sat in the storm trying to tick them off, as Epic has changed things up at the last minute in the past.

Just when they’ll go live, however, remains to be seen as the wait for the v10.31 content update rolls on.