Fortnite players are always looking for new ways to innovate the title.

Over the span of almost a year, Epic Games has added a collection of consumables and items for players to use in order to ‘heal’ in a variety of ways.

Medkits, bandages, Apples, and numerous other options to gain health can be scattered across the map, each with a distinct use than the other in certain situations.

Yet, even with multiple choices available, community members have long-debated whether or not a ‘ranged’ healing option should be added to the game.

With this in mind, Reddit user jmzofficial created a ‘Stim-Gun‘ concept that could heal teammates (or enemies) at range for ‘X’ amount per shot.

It would have the same feature as the Grappler with a limited amount of ‘charges’ ready until it can no longer be used.

Although Epic Games has added fan-made ideas and concepts to Fortnite in the past, it is unknown if the developer has any plans to implement a healing item which can be used at long distances.

SOURCE: Reddit

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