After almost 12 months, Brazilian PS4 player, SlayLeo, was able to set a new world record for the most kills in a solo vs squad Fortnite match.

SlayLeo posted proof of the new world record on YouTube, which showed him finishing the game with 41 kills, defeating the old record by three eliminations.

The current world record for solo vs squad on PC is 46 eliminations by Ghost Gaming’s Kamo.

PC records are typically higher than console records, however, the squad kill record is currently held by console players Fqrbes, Nexjs, Tactjc, and NadeXC with 61 kills.

2019 has given us four broken Fortnite records so far, with players studying and analyzing the current meta in order to try and beat world records, and most of them are relying on aggressive game play.

Tons of personalities like CourageJD, SypherPK, FearItSelf and Ninja recently played Fortnite on stream during February 28, and were able to win 20 Fortnite squad games in a row!

If you would like to see the current Fortnite world records, check out our list here.

If you or somebody you know has beaten a Fortnite world record, be sure to send proof to us over at @FortniteINTEL!

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