Take a look at all soccer ball locations in Fortnite for your Season 2 Week 5 ‘Meowscles Mischief’ challenges.

Fortnite Season 2 Week 5 brings us one step closer to unlocking the selectable style for Meowscles – something that most players are looking forward to.


Before we can unlock the style, however, we have to complete our weekly challenges this week and next week. The Week 5 challenges are arguably the most difficult since Season 2 released, with several requiring players to go out of their way.

One of the annoying challenges for the week requires players to kick a soccer ball 100 meters. Most people don’t know all of the Fortnite soccer ball locations – apart from the one in Pleasant Park.

Via: @FortniteBR

The soccer ball still spawns in the open pitch, but this is going to be a hot-drop in all games – even in Team Rumble. It’s better to look for the soccer balls that are off the beaten path.

Thankfully, there are several soccer balls located in some low-key places on the map. You can find one to the southeast of the Lighthouse, north of Frenzy Farm, and on the eastern edge of Holly Hedges.

Once you find these soccer balls, completing the challenge is as easy as kicking them along in front of you. You’ll receive a notification once you reach the 100-meter mark.

As always, Team Rumble will be the easiest way to complete these challenges. The most difficult part will be competing with your own team to find the soccer balls first.

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