Fortnite’s Weapon Wraps have been around for awhile now and more arrive with each season of content. A concept would see a popular item’s content splattered across our favorite weapons.

Each season Epic Games adds new wraps into the game to help us spice up our custom image and Season 8 is no different. The wraps give our avatars a little more personality and let us express ourselves through our appearance.

Ever since Fortnite blew up, artists have been creating new concepts for Epic Games to use. Skins, weapons, wraps, and more have all gotten hundreds of concepts drawn up and sent in.

The game’s art design inspires many fans to let their creative ambition run wild when creating concepts, but sometimes it’s the simplest idea that works the best. Introducing the Slurp Juice weapon wrap concept.

Can we get a Slurp Juice colored Weapon Wrap for our guns and vehicles? from r/FortNiteBR

Reddit user “” has created a weapon wrap concept based upon the in-game Slurp Juice item. While the juice wasn’t always popular, it’s been a hot commodity since it’s rework. We expect no less from this concept.

The juice has wavy, colorful lines with striking blues and purples, perfect for a wrap. Mix in a little bit of dashing green and you’ve got a bright and noticeable weapon wrap. We imagine that the concept’s green portion would run horizontally across the weapon in-game.

The idea isn’t an exact copy of the in-game slurp juice model, however. Attention has been paid to correctly align the colorful liquid with in the flat, flowing imagery of the wrap.

The concept would certainly bring some vibrancy to our weapons. Just don’t expect the wrap to regenerate your health or shields, you’ll need a genuine jar of Slurp Juice for that.

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