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Where the Fortnite Shrinking Chair is located

Here is where players can find the myserious Fortnite Shrinking Chair. However, it won’t stay small for very long.



fortnite shrinking chair bear

The Chair landmark has been shrinking over the last two seasons, and here is where the Fortnite Shrinking Chair is located.

Fortnite is the world’s most popular Battle Royale, and that’s because of how much it offers its players. Aside from being the last man standing, players can enjoy rich storylines, Creative game modes, and lore.

The most popular Fortnite lore is the war between the Teddy Bears and the Gnomes. This feud took place during a couple seasons, and there are still traces of the factions on the Island. While this lore doesn’t effect the main storyline, they are fun side stories.

However, since Chapter 2 Season 6, another side story has been taking place. This one is less driven by narrative, and more playing off of player anticipation. This new side story is the Fortnite Shrinking Chair.

fortnite shrinking chair close up

Where to find Fortnite Shrinking Chair

If you don’t know where to look, the Fortnite Shrinking Chair is almost impossible to find. That’s because the chair is one of the smallest decorative items in the game. It’s also hidden behind a chest and ammo crate making it even harder to spot.

The map below shows the exact location of the Shrinking Chair. The location is actually a landmark simply named Chair. You may have visited the Chair before as a part of a challenge.

The red recliner chair can be found on a hill North of Retail Row and West of Dirty Docks. The hill is also close to the IO Dish in that location.

fortnite shrinking chair location

Shrinking Chair history

While it didn’t start shrinking until recently, the chair has been a part of the map since Chapter 2 Season 1. It wasn’t until over halfway through Season 6 that it started to shrink. Here is the history of the Fortnite Shrinking Chair.

  • Lonely Recliner added in v11.00
  • Shrinking begins in v16.40, ammo box appears
  • Shrinking continues in v16.50
  • Chair shrinks to smaller than ammo box in v17.00, chest appears
  • Chair gets even smaller in v17.10
  • The Chair continues to shrink in v17.20
  • It reaches it’s smalled size in v17.30
  • A tiny bear sits in the chair in v17.40
  • The Chair starts to grow in v17.50

That’s right, the shrinking chair is now getting larger. Not only the chair, but the bear and his telescope are getting larger as well. Some players believe that the chair will grow as big as a house. Others are disappointed that it didn’t shrink out of existence.

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Fortnite: Where to find Pizza Party item and what it does

Fortnite Chapter 3 is adding a new Pizza Party item that allows players to restore their shields through the power of pizza.



fortnite pizza party health item guide

If you’re wanting to switch up your diet in Fortnite, you can use the Pizza Party item to gain shield and fill your stomach.

One of Fortnite’s mascots is Tomatohead who is also the mascot for the fictional restaurant Pizza Pit. This is a POI that has appeared in Fortnite for several seasons.

It’s one of the many fictional restaurants that have appeared in-game along with Durrr Burger, Sitcks, and Butter Barn.

However, players haven’t been able to enjoy any of the food from these restaurants until now. Pizza Pit’s ovens are on and players can finally enjoy eight slices of cheesy goodness.

How to get Pizza Party item in Fortnite

Fortnite Pizza pit

The Pizza Party is a pizza box containing eight slices of pizza. In addition to cheese and sauce, each slice is topped with a Shield Mushroom that restores 50 shield.

Each box has 8 slices, but each slice can only get players up to 50 shield similar to minis. Players can find Pizza Party boxes in the normal loot pool.

As well, players can purchase a Pizza Box for 50 gold from the Tomatohead NPC. He is located in Tilted Tower, and he only has 4 Pizza Boxes in stock.

According to Hypex, the Pizza Party box will be added to Fortnite on Tuesday, January 25.

For a measly 200 gold, players can pick up 1,600 shield. However, we don’t know how long it takes to eat a slice. And this would also require players to give up two item slots.

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How to get the Green Goblin Spider-Man skin in Fortnite Chapter 3

Fortnite Chapter 3 is adding another Spider-Man crossover skin. This time, players can dress as the iconic villain Green Goblin.



fortnite green goblin loading screen

Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis Green Goblin is making his way to The Island. Here show you can get this villainous skin.

One of the most exciting crossovers in Fortnite history is the Spider-Man skins and web shooter. Fortnite has been littered with Marvel crossovers in the past, but this one is a fan favorite.

And in classic Fortnite fashion, just one skin from the Spider-Man series was not going to be enough. Outside of the MCU Spider-Man and the Zendaya MJ skins, Fortnite is also adding the Green Goblin.

fortnite green goblin set

How to get the Green Goblin skin in Fortnite

As of right now, we aren’t sure when the Green Goblin will release. He was added during the Fortnite v19.10 patch and is set to release sometime in the near future.

As for how you get the Green Goblin, that’s going to cost players some money. Yes, Green Goblin will be available in the Item Shop.

Like other Marvel skins, Green Goblin will likely cost the player 1,500 V-Bucks. He will probably come with a rideable glider and pickaxe.

In addition to Green Goblin, Fortnite has crossovers planned for Hawkeye as well as another Arcane collaboration. We will continue to keep this post updated as more information becomes available.

Until then, check out where to find every NPC on Fortnite Chapter 3’s map, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

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How to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3: upgrade benches and vending machines.

Fortnite Chapter 3 has a few ways to upgrade weapons. Here’s where to find the Fortnite upgrade benches and vending machines.



fortnite upgrade bench season 8

Crafting and Upgrade Benches are still the main means of upgrading weapons. Here’s how to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Fortnite Chapter 3 introduces an entirely new map which means new Upgrade Bench locations. While players can’t run to NPCs and get cheap and instant upgrades, it’s still possible to power up your gear.

From Weapon Upgrade Benches to Vending Machines, players can spend hard-earned bars to bump their weapons up a level.

Whatever you choose, this guide will help you figure out how to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Fortnite vending machine

Upgrade Benches Fortnite Chapter 3

The quickest but most expensive way to upgrade weapons is by using Fortnite Upgrade Benches. The Upgrade Bench is also the most reliable way to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Using an upgrade bench instantly bumps up the rarity of a weapon, but it comes at a cost. Players will have to spend hundreds of bars each time they want to upgrade their weapons. However, you just can’t beat the power of an upgrade bench.

Here is how much each upgrade costs while using a Fortnite Upgrade Bench:

  • Common (grey) -> Uncommon (green) = 200 bars
  • Uncommon (green) -> Rare (blue) = 300 bars
  • Rare (blue) -> Epic (purple) = 400 bars
  • Epic (purple) -> Legendary (orange) = 500 bars

The map below shows all of the Fortnite Upgrade Bench locations. In Chapter 3, there are 18 different Upgrade Bench locations. No matter where the next Storm Circle is headed, there’s usually a Fortnite Upgrade Bench nearby.

fortnite chapter 3 weapon upgrade bench locations

Vending Machines in Fortnite Chapter 3

The second way to “upgrade” weapons is by purchasing a better one from a Vending Machine. These are a much cheaper alternative to upgrading weapons, however, they aren’t as reliable.

This is because players won’t know what weapons a vending machine carries until they get to them. However, they can carry any rarity of weapons from Uncommon (green) to Legendary (gold).

Weapons from a Vending Machine cost 50 Gold Bars. This is a massive discount compared to the 300 bars it takes to upgrade a weapon from green to blue.

Below is a map that shows all of the Vending Machine Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3.

fortnite chapter 3 vending machine locations

Chapter 3 has removed crafting, sidegrading, and sideways weapons. So while there aren’t as many upgrade methods as before, these methods are far more reliable.

For more Fortnite, check out all of the major map changes from this season, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

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