The Fortnite gaming community is undoubtedly one of the most creative, and they’re not short of ideas as Epic Games often implements them into the game.

The usual process involves a user submitting an idea to the FortniteBR Reddit, if the developers at Epic Games like it, it then gets added to the game in one of their weekly updates.

One idea that has yet to see the light of day, however, is the Shield Shower. The concept would see players equip the ‘trap’ to the roof of a structure or build, and in turn over the course of the time under it, the player’s shield should would be replenished up to 50.

The Camp Fire in Fortnite currently does almost exactly the same thing for your health, but questions have been asked of Epic why there is no shield alternative.

This lack of Shield Shower prompted one user to repost their idea to the FortniteBR Reddit, and we’d like Epic to know we’re fully behind the idea!

A number of smart responses to the thread included a user explaining that in order to ensure that the Camp Fire and Shield Shower couldn’t be used at the same time, the shower would put out the fire.

Some of the other useful suggestions included players having reduced invisibility under the Shield Shower, or cause interference with the game sound, meaning it would be a risk to use it during the end of a game for example.

Will we see Epic Games introduce the Shield Shower? Let us know in the comments below what other concepts you’d like to see introduced.

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