Finding shields in the heat of the moment of a Fortnite match can often be a struggle.

Especially when supplies are running low, you and your squad can often be put in a position where everyone is in need of shields or healing items.

However, Reddit user /u/jeremyryanmiller has devised a concept where the entire team can receive shields at once, titled ‘Sheild Shower.’

Much like the Cozy Campfire, the Shield Shower would grant up to 50 shields per player, and two per-second. It can be placed on the ceiling above a full squad.

Although, due to the nature of its potential strength, it would receive an ‘Epic’ rarity, compared to the ‘Rare’ Cozy Campfire.

The original concept can be found below, via Reddit.

While Epic Games has taken community suggestions in the past, it is unknown at the time of writing if a team-shield item will be added in the future.

SOURCE: Reddit

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