The leaks just keep coming. All new ‘Shadow Bomb’ leaks seem to confirm the return of one of Season 6’s unique mechanics.

Season 6 was mainly characterized by the effects of the Cube and the corrupted areas it had left behind. The Cube produced zones of dark, tainted earth with Shadow Stones usually nearby.

The mechanic might just be returning to Fortnite again if these new leaks ring true. They come from legit sources with good histories of data mining expertise.

Shadow Stones Are Returning

It would seem highly likely now that Shadow Stones are returning to Fortnite Battle Royale. The information comes via another leak from the v8.40 game files.

This particular leak was discovered by @Hypex, a well known source of new information about data mined files.

If you listen to the file above, you can clearly make out the distinct sounds of the Shadow Stone animations.

The player activates the item and then enters Shadowform quickly afterwards. If it’s not the same effect, Epic is directly recycling the sound file for a new purpose.

The files were marked by the name ‘Shadow Bomb,’ the name of a previously leaked item with other audio file leaks.

Hypex points out that this is probably an item version of the Shadow Stone, similar to the Rift-to-Go currently in the game. Rifts used to populate large parts of the map as static locations. Now, only a few such location remain.

The mechanic, at least according to the sound file, will be very similar to the original Shadow Stones.

The Shadow Stone served as a mobility option during Season 6 and would definitely hit the meta hard in Season 8. Competitive players will surely have some tough words for Epic if they release them during the World Cup qualfiers.

What are your thoughts on the return of the Shadow Stone mechanics as an item? Tell us about your likes and dislikes of the Season 6 mechanic in the comments below.

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