UPDATE: Epic Games has confirmed on Twitter that the servers are back online!

Original Story:

Late tonight, Epic Games has announced across their social channels, including to Twitter, that they’re taking the Fortnite servers offline for some unplanned ’emergency maintenance’. Epic stated, We’re bringing the servers offline for emergency maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience.

It’s not clear what occurred that has led to the servers being taken offline on a Friday night, where many players get online. Epic posted an alert in-game within the Fortnite lobby to state that the servers were coming offline for this maintenance period.

Epic stated to check their status page for updates, which is available to view here:

Epic has not stated yet how long the servers will be offline for. There’s no indication as to when they could go back up, but there’s a big event in Fortnite planned for 2PM Eastern on February 2 with Marshmello preforming in Fortnite at Pleasant Park.

Stay tuned for updates on the server status.

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