The secret is out and Fortnite’s Secret Skirmish has begun.

Day 1 of Fortnite’s Secret Skirmish begins today, February 14 while the second day starts February 15.

The first day of competition will be the Duos competition while the second will be Solos.

We knew the participants long ahead of time but we didn’t know who would be partnered with who until the competition began.

Players were invited based on their performances in previous Fortnite tournaments so you’re sure to recognize some of the players if you’ve followed Fortnite esports.

Names like Tfue and Cloak will be recognizable from Twitch so you’re sure to know at least some of the players.

The Secret Skirmish was set to debut “additional operations” that would be a way of showing off non-Battle Royale competitive options Fortnite had to offer.

The operations were canceled but Epic Games promises they will be visited again in the future.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what those operations were set to be but we’re sure to learn more later on when Epic Games decides to unveil them.

Here’s the list of teams who will be competing together in Day 1 of the Secret Skirmish:

Duos Teams Fortnite Secret Skirmish

Fortnite Duos Team Secret Skirmish

Fortnite Secret Skirmish Duos Teams Fortnite Secret Skirmish Duos Teams

Fortnite Secret Skirmish Duos Teams


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