Missions in Season X allow players to earn Battle Stars and a cheat sheet can help you finish these challenges quickly.

The Season X Battle Pass contains an immense amount of content as it’s not just limited to the typical tiers. Similar to Season 9, players can earn extra rewards for completing objectives throughout the season.

Missions replaced challenges with Season X and provide progressively better rewards as you complete them. You can even ‘prestige’ the missions to earn better rewards for a larger time investment put in. A cheat sheet comes in handy to help you complete these tasks without hassle.

Season X Week 2 ‘Spray & Pray’ Cheat Sheet

@ItsEnergie creates Fortnite cheat sheets for the community to use while completing missions. Due to Epic’s inclusion of Prestige Missions, the hard-working artist must now create two cheat sheets.

The cheat sheets include all Spray & Pray missions with the non-location based ones being placed along the top and bottom.

Normal ‘Spray & Pray’ Week 2 Missions

Week 2 Spray & Pray Missions – via @ItsEnergie

Prestige ‘Spray & Pray’ Week 2 Missions

Week 2 Prestige Spray & Pray Missions – via @ItsEnergie

Prestige missions essentially serve as a harder repeat of the normal mission versions. For example, instead of simply getting damage with an SMG, you’ll have to eliminate opponents at 5 meters or less with an SMG.

The point behind adding an extra wave of missions every week is to allow dedicated players some additional challenge. Some players have more time than others to play and they should be given the opportunity to earn more rewards. Still, Epic hasn’t made the prestige missions ridiculously difficult and any player should be able complete them given time.

To show your appreciation, go throw @ItsEnergie a quick ‘thank you’ on Twitter for his efforts in helping out the community. You can also thank him live at twitch.tv/itsenergie.

How have you been enjoying Season X so far? Despite the B.R.U.T.E., we think the season has brought interesting mechanical changes like the removal of the Glider Redeploy. High ground is once again risky to take and mobility has been cut down to emphasize rotational awareness.