As with any major patch, v10.0 brought a new haul of unreleased & leaked Season X cosmetics.

Fortnite’s newest season is now live, bringing with it brand new mech suits called B.R.U.T.E.S that players can jump into and use to wreak havoc across the map.

The v10.0 patch notes also include information on the new Rift Zones, which bring major gameplay changes that will change constantly throughout the season, alongside a host of vaults including The Baller, which is leaving the popular battle royale title for the time being.

Every Fortnite season launches with a major patch filled to the brim with new content. Along with the visible releases, Epic generally begins to slip in cosmetics that will arrive in the Item Shop at some point in the future.

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By doing this Epic ensure that players don’t have to update the game every single time the Item Shop needs a refresh. However, due to experienced data-miners, it also means that we get to see what’s coming ahead of the official reveals. It helps build hype for upcoming cosmetics too which leads to presumably higher sales.

The patch v10.0 released on August 1 with a treasure trove of sneak peaks. Thanks to @FNBRLeaks and @Lucas7yoshi for these images.

Leaked Skins and Cosmetic Items from the Fortnite v10.0 update



Eternal Voyager

Sparkle Supreme

Tilted Technique



Harvesting Tools


Swing with the strength of steel.

Bubble Popper

Swing Sweet

Renegade Rollers

Roll up the competition.

Sparkle Scythe

Dazzle and destroy.


Find the perfect beat.

Fang Saws

Bite back

Cosmic Cleavers

Strike for the stars.

Back Bling

Bronto Bag

One for the ages.

Star Shot

Radiating confidence.


Resonating with energy.

Trophy Sack

Keep ahead of the competition.


Forged in dragon fire.

Bubble Blast

A flavor explosion.


Rock solid.

Golden Disco

Now the party’s started.


Bring your game wherever you go.

Primal Danger

Trust your instincts.


Light it up.

Rift Rock

Back from beyond.


Master Mix

Mix it up.

Pixel Pilot

From the past, and into the beyond.

Junk Bucket

It’s sharp. It lands. What else do you want?


Utterly untamable.

Horned Strike

Grab the battle by the horns.

Rift Rider

Cruise the dimensional highway.

Sparkle Strider

Dazzle all the way down.

Spray Sail

Tagged on the fly.



Two tails, one good friend.


Who’s a good tail gunner? Is it you?


Maximum Drift

Show your style.


Show your style.


Show your style.

Fractal Zero

Show your style.


Show your style.


Bottle Flip

Give it a flip!

Fancy Flip

Sparkling or still standing?


Rift Lightning

Multidimensional dive.

Beat Drop

Here it comes…


Dive into infinity.


Heads up diving.


Freshly popped.


Thanks to ShiinaBR, we can see all the game’s leaked emotes inside Fortnite.

As you can see, there’s still a ton of content that Epic’s saving for the coming weeks. That’s not to even mention what they have planned for crossover events in Season X. Honestly speaking, this season looks to be an absolute blast with excellent changes across the board.

More cosmetic items are constantly being leaked, and we’ll continue to update this post as they become available.

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