Players who purchase the Battle Pass for Fortnite Season X will be able to access a whole new range of challenges where players will be sent on ‘missions’ to complete certain objectives.

Fortnite’s tenth season is shaping up to be an epic season, no pun intended. With the addition of the B.R.U.T.E mech paired with the removal of the majority of vehicles, players are hopping into matches to try out the new meta.

Millions of Fortnite players save up each season in order to purchase the upcoming Battle Pass, which costs 950 V-Bucks to unlock. Purchasers can complete challenges each week to earn experience towards their Battle Pass.

While the Battle Pass system isn’t new to Fortnite, Season X introduced a new category for players to complete – Missions.

Season X missions

According to popular Fortnite leaker HYPEX, there are 11 sets of missions with 14 individual tasks and one mission with 5 tasks.

Here is the list of missions for Fortnite Season X:

  • Worlds Collide – 14 challenges
  • Road Trip – 14 challenges
  • Rumble Royale – 14 challenges
  • Spray & Pray – 14 challenges
  • A Helping Hand – 14 challenges
  • Hot Drop / Smash & Grab – 14 challenges
  • Blockbuster – 14 challenges
  • Boogie Down – 14 challenges
  • Zero Point – 5 challenges
  • Space Race – 14 challenges
  • Knights of Honor – 14 challenges
  • Level-Headed – 14 challenges

Each challenge completed within a mission will reward players with Battle Stars that will upgrade their Season X Battle Pass. Once a player completes a certain amount of challenges within a mission-set, for example, seven, they will be rewarded with an extra item.

Fortnite’s tenth Battle Royale season

It’s kind of crazy to accept that Fortnite has been around for two years and have bought us ten glorious seasons of Battle Royale.

Season 9 has passed, so now we move onto Season X.

As we adjust to the latest additions with Fortnite Season X, check out our article on our top 5 features added during Season 9.

How are you liking Fortnite Season X? Have you claimed a Victory Royale with the B.R.U.T.E yet?