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Fortnite Season 7: all major map changes & new POIs

The Fortnite Season 7 map has undergone a lot of extraterrestrial changes, and here’s a look at the new map!



fortnite season 7 map changes

The Fortnite Season 7 map has undergone a lot of changes after facing an alien invasion, and this article will cover all of the big one.

The map changes with each new season of Fortnite. Sometimes these changes are quite drastic like in Chapter 2 Season 5, and sometimes they are more subtle like in Chapter 2 Season 2. The Fortnite Season 7 map has taken a more subtle approach with its changes, but there is still plenty to discover.

The image below shows the new map with each large POI labeled. The most noticeable difference between Season 6 and 7 is the removal of The Spire and the orange forests. Like in Season 5, a new large POI hasn’t formed in the middle of the map. Instead, a large hole serves as a reminder of what was taken.

fortnite season 7 map

Fortnite Season 7 new POIs

Sadly, there aren’t any new POIs this season. Instead, Fortnite has revamped some of its most notable locations and added various small landmarks. There are purple locations scattered around the map where players can find aliens and sci-fi weaponry.

The biggest and most welcome change to the map is the addition of Corny Complex. This is a new farm POI that finally makes up for the loss of Frenzy Farm back in Chapter 2 Season 4. Since then, players haven’t been given a proper farm POI. That is, until now.

The second biggest change is Believer Beach which is an overhauled version of Sweaty Sands. It has still maintained a similar layout to Sweaty but carries a more alien theme.

fortnite season 7 gravity gun

There may be other map changes implemented throughout the season, but for now, these two POIs are all we’ve been given. However, there are a bunch of landmarks around the map for players to discover. Satellite dishes, outpost buildings, and residual alien goop will keep players busy exploring for a few hours at least.

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1 Comment

  1. rj

    June 13, 2021 at 4:11 pm

    when is the huge update when the map changes from the mother load and what date and time is coral caste be removed?

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All Fortnite Season 7 Exotic & Mythic Weapon Locations

Mythic and Exotic weapons in Fortnite have returned, and here is where players can find each one in Chapter 2 Season 7.



fortnite dr slone mythic weapon

Fortnite’s coveted Exotic and Mythic weapons have returned in Season 7. Here is where players can find the Mythic and Exotic weapons in Fortnite.

While Fortnite Season 7’s map may not be flooded with NPCs, there are still plenty that sell Exotic weapons. There is also a single Mythic weapon on the map, but it’s definitely not the easiest weapon to obtain. Regardless, these special weapons will give players a leg up on the competition if they can afford them.

Exotic weapons in Fortnite are sold to players by NPCs. They are the most expensive items that NPCs have, and players will have to pay a large number of gold bars to get them. However, they also have special abilities that make them worth the cost.

dr slone pulse rifle fortnite

Fortnite Season 7 Exotic & Mythic weapon locations

It’s no surprise that Exotic and Mythic weapons have returned for the sixth season in a row. While these are nice tools to have, they won’t guarantee anyone a Victory Royale. But for those who want to switch up their arsenal, here is where every Mythic and Exotic weapon is located. The map below was designed by

  • Shadow Tracker Pistol: sold by Maven for 400 gold at Dinky Dish
  • Night Hawk Revolver: sold by Guggimon for 400 gold at Lockie’s Lighthouse
  • Marksman Six Shooter: sold by Abstrakt for 400 gold at Retail Row
  • Storm Scout Sniper: sold by Riot for 500 gold at Yellow Steel Bridge
  • Slone’s Pulse Rifle: dropped after killing Dr. Slone at Corny Complex
Fortnite season 7 exotic weapon locations

The hardest weapon to obtain is Slone’s Exotic Pulse Rifle. Slone by herself isn’t hard to defeat, but her clones are a nuisance. When alerted to a player’s presence, Slone will split into three copies that will attack the player. Spreading them out and picking them off one-by-one is the best way to deal with them.

These aren’t the only special weapons coming this season. Fortnite has stated that there will be more futuristic weapons, landmarks, and POIs coming throughout the season. Stay tuned as the season progresses, and Fortnite Intel will keep players up to date on all the changes headed your way.

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Every Alien Artifact location in Fortnite Season 7

The new Kymera skin can only be customized using a special material, and here are all of the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations in Fortnite.



fortnite season 7 alien artifacts

The Kymera skin is a highly customizable outfit in the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass, but it requires Alien Artifacts to unlock its parts. Here are the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations.

Similar to the Season 3 Brella glider and Season 2 Maya skin, the Season 7 Battle Pass has its own custom skin. Kymera is the first skin players receive after purchasing the Battle Pass, and he’s also seen as the main enemy in the Season 7 story trailer.

However, Kymera’s parts aren’t unlocked by completing different challenges or reaching certain levels. Instead, Season 7 introduces a new form of currency called Alien Artifacts. These are used to purchase different style options from the Kymera Battle Pass menu. This guide will show players all of the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations.

Fortnite Alien Artifacts

Alien Artifact locations in Fortnite

There are two way to obtain Alien Artifacts: Collecting the weekly canisters and opening Cosmic Chests. Cosmic Chests randomly appear in Squads Mode and drop a random number of Alien Artifacts when opened. If you’re interested in hunting these chests, check out our guide on where to find Cosmic Chests.

Below is a map that shows the locations of the current Alien Artifacts. More Artifacts will be added each week at different locations around the map. Each of the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations gives players four artifacts. A gold rarity has yet to be added that will give players seven.

The Alien Artifacts are out in the open and make a feint noise when nearby. This makes them easy to locate and collect. To collect them, players simply need to walk into them. They can even drive through them using a boat, car, or UFO. The artifacts will be given to players when they return to the lobby after the match.

Fortnite Season 7 alien artifact locations

There aren’t any other uses for Alien Artifacts outside of purchasing Kymera parts. Players are encouraged to spend their Alien Artifacts as they get them because the best alien parts are locked behind purchasing all of the parts from that category. While you may only be able to get a limited number of Alien Artifacts easily, Cosmic Chest hunting allows players to obtain an unlimited amount

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Where to find Cosmit Chests & how to open them in Fortnite Season 7

The new Cosmic Chests in Fortnite Season 7 have a lot of rare goodies inside. Here’s how to find and open them to collect Alien Atifacts.



Fortnite Season 7 Cosmic Chest

The new Cosmic Chests are filled with some very valuable materials making them highly sought after. Here is how players can find and open Cosmic Chests in Fortnite Season 7.

Cosmic Chests are a new form of looting added at the start of Season 7. They are similar to Legendary Chests, Loot Llamas, and Supply Drops in term of what they drop. However, they are harder to open and will drop bonus rewards for each player.

Each chest will drop an Epic or Legendary weapon for each member of the party. As well, they will drop 3 bonus items for each player on the squad. These bonus items can be 1-3 Alien Artifacts, Gold Bars, and 125-1050 XP. They also have the ability to drop Battle Stars, but that hasn’t been activated yet.

cosmic chest opening forntite

Find and open Cosmic Chests

First of all, Cosmic Chests will only appear in Duos, Trios, and Squads modes. They can’t spawn in Solos because it requires a squad to open them. This also means that a solo player in Squads can’t open them. They will randomly spawn in during a match, and as shown on the map below, an icon will appear for all players. Like supply drops, everyone in the match can see the location of the chest once it spawns.

When approaching a Cosmic Chest, it will ask that all squad members be present. The chest cannot begin to be opened until everyone is nearby. Then, it will ask players to take turns hitting the weak spot that appears. Each player will get one hit before the next player has to go. Once all 10 weak points have been hit, the chest will open.

If a player hits the chest and it isn’t their turn, they will be launched away from the chest. The order in which players are chosen to hit the chest will also be random. This means players need to pay attention so they can open the chest before enemy squads arrive.

Fortnite cosmic chest map marking

Chests have the chance to drop Rocket Launchers and other valuable weaponry. However, players will likely be hunting them down to obtain the Alien Artifacts. These are used to unlock Kymera parts, and Cosmic Chests in Fortnite are the only way to get Alien Artifacts outside of the weekly locations.

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