Fortnite weekly challenges keep coming with Week 8’s list of adventures. To help out, we’ve got a Cheat Sheet featuring detailed instructions on how to complete each task.

Season 9 has brought us a lot of found memories from the plethora of content options, cosmetics, events, and more. We hope you’ve been enjoying the season as much as we have and are well on your way to completing the Season Pass.

As you well know, weekly challenge serve as the primary source of Battle Stars. Our featured cheat sheets are crafted by community experts who dedicate their time to help you earn those stars.

Fortnite Season 9 Week 8 Cheat Sheet

Fortnite’s an awesome game with tons of variety and longevity, but nobody can always be expected to remember every little location. It happens even to veteran players due to the near-infinite possibilities for challenge spots. We’ll admit to getting lost a “few” times ourselves.

Thankfully, we’re not alone in this vast community of weary fighters and brawlers. Cheat Sheets created by @Energie provide detailed data about the week’s challenges in a easy-to-read manner. Seriously, if you’ve never used one before, you’re missing out big time.

Week 8 Season 9 Cheat Sheet

Marking the locations for eliminations and landings is helpful for newer players, but as long term players, other parts of the presentation excite us. Pay attention to the map and you’ll see that the creator’s taken the time to mark out every single Volcano Vent and Air Vent on the map.

Such painstaking attention to detail is commendable and ups the quality of the overall product. You’ve got to adore the passion of the Fortnite community and its creative souls. Even if the game’s road is bumpy at times, the community never lets up the love.

For those wanting to show their support, Energie streams Fortnite regularly on his Twitch channel at You can also find the creator’s Instagram at the top-left of the cheat sheet.

14 Days of Summer & Fortbyte Challenge Guides

We know that many of you will also being searching for guides on how to complete other Fortnite challenges. Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of content to offer.

As of June 27th, three 14 Days of Summer Challenges have been released to the public. All three include an exclusive reward cosmetic for your account. Guides for these are linked below:

Singularity Skin – Unlocked at 90/100 Fortbytes

In addition to these, we’ve all been hunting Fortbytes with that Singularity skin (90/100) in mind. Along with a complete list of Fortbytes, we’ve put together a snappy guide on how to retrieve Fortbyte #100.

We’ll certainly see you out on the battle royale battlefield as we collect these pieces ourselves. The pressure’s building as Season 10 closes in, but we’ll crush these challenges together as always!

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