It’s finally here! The last week of challenges have released for Season 9! We got the final cheat sheet before Season 10 that will help you finish up your Battle Pass!

Season 9 has been a wild ride with vaulted weapons, monsters, futuristic cities, and so much more. The final, Mech vs. Monster event has not yet graced us with its presence, but Week 10 of Season 9 has arrived nonetheless.

Before you panic about the incoming challenge deadline, Season 9 will extended by a whole two weeks due to Epic’s vacation (14 Days of Summer) and the Fortnite World Cup Finals. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to get the Week 10 challenges done quickly with the help of a cheat sheet.

Fortnite Season 9 Week 10 Cheat Sheet

Everybody finds themselves struggling to complete Fortnite challenges from time to time. It’s no shame to admit it. We’ve been stuck on some ourselves in the past, but the Fortnite community’s collective brainpower is unbeatable.

Cheat sheets give us quick access to weekly Battle Pass challenge solutions and we believe @ItsEnergie creates the best of the best. Accurate information combined with a clean visual presentation makes for a thoroughly great viewing experience.

ItsEnergie’s Week 10 Cheat Sheet

You can support the creator by following them on Twitter and leaving a nice ‘thank you.’ Everybody likes to be appreciated for their hard work. Also, check out the man’s Twitch channel at

14 Days of Summer & Fortbyte Challenges

Get 90 Fortbytes and unlock the Singularity Skin!

Epic Games has leaned heavily into providing players with additional content past the typical Battle Challenges. Filling all of the locations for these up on a single map would result in a smeary blob of markers and icons. So, we’ve gone and linked the remaining available challenges here.

14 Days of Summer’s official end date has passed us all by, but players can still complete the challenges for the next 4 days (as of July 11). We’ve got guides to help you get through them without a hassle:

These should be your top priority for now as they have the closest deadline. Once you’ve swept up all the 14 Days rewards, you can transition in Fortbytes. There are currently 91 available Fortbytes and we’ve created an all inclusive list of them in our hub article.

Singularity Skin

And, before we forget, you’ll unlock the Singularity skin at 90 Fortbytes. As an added bonus, Epic Games has put five hidden Helmets around the map which unlock five hidden Singularity Styles.

Yeah, we’re all going to be very busy until the very end of Season 9. While the intensive process of challenge completion can take up time, we really hope to see a similar focus of daily content in Season 10. Naturally, Epic Games doesn’t leave any feature without upgrades and we’re sure to see some major changes to the Fortbyte tasks in the next season.

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