The all new Season 9 Battle Pass is now live and ready to be completed by Fortnite’s most dedicated players. We have information and pictures of all the tiers and rewards.

The Battle Pass holds a central role in the Fortnite experience and Season 9’s looks absolutely stunning. Amazing rewards, beautiful art, and varied design shine throughout the new Pass.

The general setup of the pass is the same as previous seasons. The Battle Pass grants limited rewards for ‘Free’ players with the better rewards reserved for those that buy the Battle Pass.

Season 9 Battle Pass Tiers

Epic Games released a short video giving an overview of the Season 9 Battle Pass. The video goes over the basic aspects of the pass such as purchasing, completing tiers, and rewards.

The video breaks down the two outfits players will receive once they purchase the Battle Pass, named Sentinel and Rox, alongside the brand new Double Axe Harvesting Tools that players can use to take down structures and earn crafting materials.

Epic, as with other seasons, has updated the Fortnite website with all new Season 9 Battle Pass content. Players can preview all content included in the Season 9 Battle Pass in-game or on the website.

We’ve included pictures of all the Battle Pass tier rewards in Season 9. Each Tier takes 10 Battle Stars to complete.

Players can purchase two versions of the Battle Pass in the in-game store, the normal Battle Pass which unlocks at Tier 1 and allows players to grind their way to Tier 100, or the Battle Bundle, which gives them a 25 tier head start.

All items included in the Battle Pass are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay in any way. Epic continues to stick by this promise in Season 9.

Tiers 1-7

Tiers 8-15

Tiers 16-23

Tiers 24-31

Tiers 32-39

Tiers 40-47

Tiers 48-55

Tiers 56-63

Tiers 64-71

Tiers 72-79

Tiers 80-87

Tiers 88-95

Tiers 96-100

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