As with every season, Season 9 has brought with it some changes to the Fortnite map. We’ve got details on what’s changed, what’s remained, and what’s returned.

Epic Games enjoys mixing things up with the Fortnite quite often for better or for worse. The constant change can cause some balance turmoil, but it does keep the experience fresh without a doubt.

With Season 9’s v9.0 update bringing a futuristic revamp to the popular battle royale title, two of the games most legendary locations have recieved major upgrades, while a number of smaller locations have also seen changes or improvements.

Season 9 Map Changes

We’ll break down the changes into a few categories to help sort out the plethora of alterations to Fortnite’s map. This will help you parse the information faster and get you on your way to learning the new map.

Tilted Towers becomes Neo Tilted

One of the biggest changes to the Fortnite map sees the always popular Tilted Towers, which was destroyed by the volcano, turn into Neo Tilted, a futuristic city based on sci-fi renditions of neon cities.

In terms of structure, the city looks almost identical, with the layout of the buildings almost identical to the Tilted Towers location that stood on the location previously. However, the design is much different, with neon boards and futuristic materials used to give the city a sleek, forward-thinking feel.

Neo Tilted is a futuristic rendering of the former Tilted Towers. Credit: Epic Games

Mega Mall rises from Retail Row’s ashes

The other major location destroyed when the volcano erupted was Retail Row, an area which had been a feature of Fortnite since it’s release back in September 2017.

While some wondered if the location on which the shopping area sat would lay empty for a period of time, it’s clear Epic Games had another plan for it, as a massive shopping mall has appeared on the location.

Mega Mall now sits on the old location of Retail Row. Credit: Epic Games

Pressure Plant appears at the volcano

Following the eruption of the volcano at the end of Season 8, it appears that a new plant has appeared, possibly attempting to use the incredible power of the volcano to power the new futuristic locations dotted around the map.

The Pressure Plant can be on the south facing side of the massive volcano, allowing players to drop in and hunt for loot in the shadow of the monstrous natural phenomenon.

The Pressure Plant has been built on the side of the volcano. Credit: iScenario/Twitter

Fortnite’s map has seen a number of other minor changes, including some references to prior locations, and upgrades to others to help it match the futuristic feel of Season 9.

Loot Lake

Following the events of the ‘Unvaulting’ event that took place at the end of Season 8, vegetation such as bushes and trees have began to grow again, leading many to believe that the area will eventually be covered over once again.

The buildings at Loot Lake have also received an upgrade to match the theme of Season 9, replacing the old brick warehouses with sleek, futuristic versions.

Loot Lake has underwent a number of changes. Credit: iScenario/Twitter

Junk Junction

For those who have already started to feel nostalgic for the old version of Tilted Towers, Epic Games have kept one specific remnant from the destroyed city that players can visit.

Half of the old clock tower, including the actual timepiece itself, can be found cordoned off at Junk Junction, showing fans that at least some of the old Tilted survived the destruction.

Sky Platforms

Sky Platforms have been introduced in Fortnite Season 9, giving players new vertical areas to explore, and also offer an easy way to rotate around the map using the Slipstreams.

These will be easy to find, as they float high above the map across the island, so keep an eye on the sky and you might just be able to visit one!

Sky Platforms can be spotted hovering above the island. Credit: FNBR News

With Epic Games likely to have updated a lot of different locations in the v9.0 update, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for new places and changes, so stay tuned to Fortnite Intel for all the latest.

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