A new directory of assets has been discovered in the v7.30 files which indicate that an Earthquake will be a part of the events leading up to Fortnite Season 8.

Alongside the Marshmello (Festivus) folder, a new folder appropriately titled Earthquake has been added to the Events directory of the Fortnite files. The Events folder houses the assets for other Events such as the New Years and Marshmello Events.


Many rather interesting assets have been discovered in the Earthquake folder, it seems that an Earthquake may be the next big event coming to Fortnite leading up to Season 8.

via FortTory

First and foremost, audio files have been leaked which sound just as you’d expect: rubble, rocks, and (light) destruction. It’s likely these are simply the sound fx for the tremors.

It also seems that, just as happens with a real-life earthquake, there will be small tremors which gradually increase in magnitude over-time.

Assuming each strength value is used once, there should be a total of 50 tremors.

via lucas7yoshi_

What exactly will happen after the Earthquake event is not yet known. Fans have speculated that the Fortnite map will be torn into chunks, creating all-new points of interest.

The recently-released Fire King / Prisoner is expected to play a significant role as magma is often associated with earthquakes.

What are your predictions for the earthquake event and Fortnite Season 8 as a whole?