Fortnite Season 7 Week 6 Challenges are here! Once you have completed all Week 6 Challenges, be sure to collect the Snowfall #6 Free Banner Icon.

Upon completing all Week 6 Challenges a secret Banner Icon can be found somewhere on the map. The location of this Banner Icon can be seen by looking closely at the Snowfall #6 Loading Screen reward.

Epic Games tends to alternate between Banner Icons and Battle Stars for weekly completionists. Unfortunately, Week 6 will reward players with a free Banner Icon.

In the bottom-left corner of the Loading Screen, written on the chalkboard, a Banner Icon can be seen. The chalkboard depicts a drawing of a RVs stood upright with a Banner Icon in the center.

This week’s clue is rather obvious, players discovered it within seconds of the Season 7 Week 6 Loading Screen being leaked.

This location is rather easy to access as it is simply a hill. Be warned, there will be an abundance of players at this location for the coming days after the Season 7 Week 6 Challenges go live.

It’s highly recommended that players complete their weekly Challenges in-full, not only for the free Battle Pass Tiers, but to unlock the Snowfall Skin which will be awarded upon completion of 8 weeks worth of Season 7 Challenges.

What has your favorite Challenge of Season 7 so far been? How would you rank this week’s Challenges in comparison to last week’s?

Many players are upset with Epic Games’ decision to omit the Battle Star reward every other week, do you agree with this sentiment?

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