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Watch the Fortnite Season 7 story trailer now!

The countdown has begun for the Fortnite Season 7 trailer which will continue the complex storyline (which now includes aliens).



fortnite season 7 trailer

There may not have been a live event to end Season 6, but the storyline continues in the Fortnite Season 7 trailer.

One of the most interesting facets of Fortnite is its complex storyline. At the start of each season, Epic Games releases a couple of trailers. One is to show off some of the new features that season, and the other focuses on the storyline.

Fortnite also puts on large-scale live events at the end of seasons to wrap up that season’s story. However, some seasons don’t have these events. Season 6 just ended without a live event, but the Season 7 story trailer aims to make up for it. Here is how and when to watch the Fortnite Season 7 trailer.

fortnite ufo abduction

Fortnite Season 7 story trailer

The trailers for each season are posted in various locations on the internet. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube; players can easily find the trailers at the start of the season. Luckily, Epic Games has already posted a link to the Season 7 story trailer which can be found below.

The Fortnite Season 7 trailer will be a minute and 40 seconds in length and will premier on YouTube at 2 a.m. EST on June 8. The Battle Pass trailer also premiers at the same time, and will likely be much longer. However, players were left with a lot of unanswered questions at the start of Season 6.

What happened to The Foundation when he entered into the Zero Point? Is The Foundation secretly Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Where are the rest of the members of the seven? And how is Agent Jones going to save the day this time?

Hopefully we will get some answers to a few of these questions when the story trailer goes live. The Fortnite Season 7 trailer could also be accompanied by an interactive event like the start of Season 6. Stay tuned as we cover everything there is to know about Fortnite Season 7.

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First Fortnite Season 6 teaser: Cryptic message and Dire Wolves hint?



Season 6 teaser fortnite

Epic Games have dropped the first proper teaser for Fortnite Season 6, and it includes a few important hints for us to analyze.

The message comes from Jonesy, as he files his latest ‘Reality Log’, exclaiming that control of Zero Point has been lost.

This lines up with the Epic Games blog post on March 9, announcing the season-ending event for Season 5. The Zero Crisis will end on March 16 and the new season will begin as we play through an interactive solo event.

Fortnite Season 6 teaser

But, what’s more interesting about this teaser are the various images that appear in the background.

Along side images on Jonesy himself, there is a wolves snout, baring its teeth.

This could line up with previous leaks about wolves, pointed out by ShiinaBR on Twitter:

There is also another image which shows the number 10 twice. Some speculation has started that this could be related to Neymar – Brazil and PSG’s number 10.

The next image is somewhat difficult to make out, but some fans have pointed it that it could be a bow – possibly a new weapon?

There are only a few days to go until the Zero Crisis event will take hold in Fortnite, but expect more teasers to drop soon too. We’ll keep you updated.

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Donald Mustard confirms Zero Point created Chapter 2 island

Epic Games Creative Director, Donald Mustard, confirms that we’re on the same planet as we were in Fortnite Chapter 1.



Donald Mustard, the Epic Games Worldwide Creative Director, is widely considered to be the brain behind the Fortnite universe. He might not be in charge of making balance changes to the game, but he has a heavy hand in dictating where the plot of the game is going.

Fairweather Fortnite fans might not even know that Fortnite has a linear plot. Even players who know about a loose plotline have difficulty following the breadcrumbs that lead us to the truth. The last event – Doomsday – completely changed what we think about Fortnite and its story – even for the most dedicated followers.

We don’t have time to get into all of the theories, here, but the point is that Fortnite’s intricate and shadowy plotline is one of the most interesting parts of the game, and Donald Mustard has played a massive role in developing it.

Fortnite black hole

Donald Mustard was featured on a recent episode of the ‘This Week in Marvel’ podcast. he discussed several topics related to the game and the new season, but also looked back and gave players some perspective on the events that ended Chapter 1.

There were a ton of nuggets throughout this podcast, but one of the most interesting revelations relates to the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 maps. Apparently – according to what Donald Mustard said – these two maps are one and the same.

We aren’t in an alternative universe or parallel dimension. We’re on the same island – reorganized by the Zero Point.

There are several obvious similarities with the two maps – Pleasant Park, Retail Row, Risky Reels, etc. – but some subtler ones as well. The biomes on the map seem to have been reorganized and shifted. The old swamp in Moisty Mire is now Slurpy Swamp and the “plains” to the north were changed to farmland closer to the center of the map.

As expected, it was the events of the Zero Point that attracted Galactus to the Fortnite island in the first place. What’s interesting to learn is that the Fortnite team knew about this crossover when the Zero Point first happened last year.

Learning that we’re on the same planet as Chapter 1 is extremely interesting, but it’s probably bad news for those who want us to return to the old Fortnite map. The cannon explanation for Chapter 2 is that this is the old Fortnite map – reorganized by the Zero Point.

Will we ever return to the old Fortnite map? Almost certainly – but it will have to make sense within the storyline. What’s more, Epic have likely already planned when they’ll bring us back to the old map and how they’ll make it happen. For now, we can only enjoy the game while we wait to learn more.

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5 times Fortnite tricked their player base

The Fortnite plotline is tricky with a lot of dead ends. Here are five times Fortnite tricked their player base.



Casual Fortnite fans may not know about all of the nuances of the game’s plotline. On its surface, Fortnite seems like little more than a cartoony Battle Royale game. The plot that’s spanned three years of the game’s lifecycle can be a lot to digest for new or casual players.

Dedicated players know that there’s a ton going on behind the scenes, however. In fact, there’s hours worth of content on YouTube dedicated to deciphering the subtleties of the Fortnite storyline – always updating and changing with each event.

Epic knows this and is intentional with what they tell their fans and what they omit. They also set traps for theorists, giving the red herrings that ultimately lead to dead ends.

That’s what we’re focusing on, here; the times when Epic tricked Fortnite players into thinking something would happen when it wouldn’t. Here are five times that Fortnite ticked their player base.

1. Heroes vs. Villains

Longtime Fortnite players know that Chapter 2 Season 4 isn’t the first time that heroes made their way into the game. Chapter 1 Season 4 had the same theme – albeit without the Marvel crossover.

Most fans assumed that the theme of the season was “Heroes vs. Villains.” When the season ended, however, we found out that the Battle Pass characters were actually a part of a film – not heroes and villains in real life. This was all a distraction while the Visitor set his plan in motion.

Not only did this red herring lead theorists down the wrong path for the season, but the theme led us to believe that The Visitor was evil – something that wouldn’t get cleared up for another six seasons.

2. Tilted Towers Destruction

The destruction of Tilted Towers was rumored to take place almost every season of Chapter 1. When the Visitor’s rocket first took off, it headed directly for Tilted before rift-jumping into the sky. From that point forward, fans assumed that each update would bring the destruction of Tilted Towers with it.

Season after season, Titled stayed standing – save for one building in the middle of the POI that kept getting destroyed. When Tilted eventually did get destroyed at the end of Season 8, the building that was constantly under construction was the only one that stayed standing.

3. Fortnite X It 2

When It 2 came out in September of last year, red balloons began popping up all over the Fortnite map. This was right after the Fortnite X Stranger Things crossover, so fans assumed that It was coming next. We even saw leaks surrounding Pennywise and possible voice tracks.

Unfortunately, none of that ever came into the game. The red balloons hanging out of sewers were all that we got. We don’t know if this was intentionally misleading or if something happened between the studio and Epic, but the Fortnite X It 2 crossover never came to fruition.

4. The Crashed Astronaut

In the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass, one of the characters seemed a bit out of place with the theme. Sonia, an astronaut, seemed like she belonged in the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass rather than in Chapter 2.

Later on in the season, when the water level began to lower, we found Sonia’s ship with another astronaut inside. Players were able to complete a mission to get the ship back in the sky, but that was the last we saw of this strange visitor.

It might be too soon to call this a Fortnite red herring, but we haven’t seen anything happen with this astronaut. For now, it seems like Epic were misleading us, here.

5. Ghost and Shadow War

Much like the theme of the heroes and villains in Chapter 1 Season 4, the Chapter 2 Season 2 theme strongly misled players as to where things were going. Players assumed that there was a massive war brewing between Ghost and Shadow, and that the Chaos Agent and Midas were the leaders of it.

When we heard that Midas was working on a Doomsday Device, we assumed that this would be his retaliation against Shadow. They had taken over most of the major POIs, after all. When the Doomsday Device went off, however, we learned that Midas was fighting against the storm and the creators of the simulation. The war with Shadow was only a front.

To this day, we don’t know the exact objective of Midas. The last we saw, he was eaten by a shark at the beginning of Season 3. One thing’s for sure, though: the Ghost vs. Shadow war was nothing more than a distraction.

There were other moments of trickery throughout the seasons of Fortnite, but these were the most jarring ones. Some honorable mentions include The black helicopters from Chapter 1, along with the Enforcers – who never really did anything once they got here.

Epic Games is playing a subtle game with their plotline. As players and theorists, we don’t know what’s important and what’s a red herring. We still have a lot to uncover within the story of Fortnite, but keep an eye out for dead ends.

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