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Fortnite Season 7 was the longest Fortnite season in history and brought a lot of new things to the game.

The season began with a massive ice storm and introduced new vehicles, new weapons and new locations.

At the same time, many items and weapons left for the vault, including some that were introduced just that season.

There were in-game events and a new place to showcase creations in the new mode Fortnite Creative.

Since we are now in Season 8, this quiz was designed to test player’s knowledge of everything in the last season.

There are 20 questions covering four different main categories.

  • Weapons, Items and Vehicles
  • Cosmetics and the Battle Pass
  • In-Game Events and Esports Competitions
  • Changes in the Map and New Locations

You can only attempt this quiz once so make sure you are confident of your answers before you click.

And no cheating, there is absolutely no way for us to make sure you don’t google it, but you will know in your heart so that’s good enough.

Good luck on the quiz:

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