Here is the location for the Season 6’s seventh week collectable. You can find the Battle Star through the Week 7 loading screen, which we leaked when Patch v6.22 released.

The Hunting Party is a challenge that has been going on since the launch of Season 6, and is the season’s form of the Blockbuster and Road Trip bonuses that happened in the seasons prior.

Season 4 and 5 both had legendary skins which you could unlock if you completed every single weekly Battle Pass challenge up to the point where they appeared in-game, which in all cases has been Week 7.

Now that the Hunting Party skin will become available when the Week 7 challenges drop tomorrow, we can show you where the Secret Battle Star for Week 7 can be found, thanks to our leak from the recent v6.22 patch for Fortnite.

The v6.22 patch allowed us to find the Loading Screen for the seventh week of challenges, and in there – as is tradition – the Battle Star / Banner can be found. Here in the loading screen, you can find the star.

The star can be seen in the top right, on the levitating rune platform.

You must complete all the challenges for Week 7 in order to be able to collect this Battle Star, so you should definitely do that first.

Thanks to Dexerto, who have pointed out this location on the map, we’ll show a way to get you there easily without any location scouting.

The Week 7 challenges go live tomorrow, Thursday November 8, and you can complete them and get the Secret Battle Star once that happens!

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