Fortnite Leaker @CrossLeaks has found the challenges for Week 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale.

CrossLeaks has released the leaked challenges from Season 6’s fourth week. We already covered Week 3 in this article.

Of course, because this leak is still a few days away, they might change by the time they see the light of day. These are roughly what the challenges should entail, but not exactly what they will be like. Epic Games like to fiddle around and change the challenges a lot prior to their release to players.

As always, these challenges can and most likely will undergo small changes prior to releasing, so these might not all be entirely what they end up being. However, it is what they are now.

Interestingly, Corrupted Areas have been added into a challenge, so we’ll see if anything else changes with those areas prior or past Week 4.

The leaker also released pictures for every single week of the season – which is what this article originally showcased, however it is pointless to present as most are Season 5 placeholders. We’ll keep you updated if that situation changes.

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