As Fortnite Season 6 rolls in, dataminers are digging through the files in search of upcoming content. Discovered among many new v6.0 files are the upcoming Cosmetic Items.


DJ Yonder (Epic) – Packing a playlist for the perfect party.

Double Helix (Epic) – Spiral toward victory.

Dusk (Epic) – Creates of the nite pack a dangerous bite.

Fable (Epic) – The forest isn’t safe…from her.

Giddy-Up (Epic) – Yee-haw!

Heidi (Epic) – Fest with the best.

Ludwig (Epic) – Best of the wurst.

Nightshade (Epic) – Protector of the sauce.

Airheart (Rare) – Setting records flying solo.



Back Bling

Telemetry (Epic) – Find your bearings.

Dusk Wings (Epic) – Sharper than fangs.

Fabled Cape (Epic) – Nothing lil’ about it.

Clockworks (Epic) – What time is it, little llama?

Pretzel Protector (Epic) – Pass the mustard.

Night Cloak (Epic) – Stealthy and saucy.



Below you can find all variants and unlockable styles for the Upcoming Cosmetics.

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