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Fortnite Season 4 patch notes & biggest changes

Pumps return, a new fishing system, Tacs vaulted: take a look at the unofficial Fortnite Season 4 patch notes



Fortnite Season 4 is here! Marvel heroes have invaded the Fortnite map and are teaming up with our favorite Fortnite characters to save the world from Galactus.

As you might expect, the new season doesn’t mean that Epic have changed their stance on Chapter 2 patch notes. We still don’t have any official patch notes, but we were able to find out a lot before the downtime even ended. As always, we’ll update this post throughout the morning as more information comes to light.

Fishing overhaul

The biggest update to Fortnite Season 4 has to be the fishing system. We heard rumors about this change, but it’s now in the game. We have a ton of new fish types to catch – all offering us different effects.

It’s still early, so we don’t know everything about the new fishing system, just yet. For now, we know about a handful of the new fish types along with the Pro Fishing Rod. According to the stats we can see, this will do more damage to players than the Harpoon Gun and appears to be the only way to catch the new fish types.

We’ll post a separate article when we know more about fishing, so stay tuned for that.

New locations

Upon first glance, the Fortnite Season 4 map doesn’t look much different than the Season 3 map. Instead of adding entirely new POIs, Epic updated many of the existing ones to fit the Marvel theme.

We’ll post a separate article with all of the major map changes for the new season, but some noteworthy locations include Doom’s Domain at Pleasant Park and the unnamed Sentinel Graveyard. Both of these POIs will be undiscovered when you first load into Season 4.


Here’s a list of everything that was vaulted and unvaulted in the Fortnite Season 4 patch. Since we haven’t gotten any official patch notes, we’ll update this as we learn more.


  • Shockwave Grenade
  • Boogie Bomb
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Bounce Pad
  • Bandage Cannon
  • Revolver
  • Scoped Assault Rifle
  • Tactical Submachine Gun
  • Combat Shotgun


  • Decoy Grenades
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Pistol (Epic/Legendary)
  • Rapid-Fire SMG (Rare/Epic/Legendary)
  • Launch Pad
  • Stink Bomb
  • Hunting Rifle
  • SMG
  • Flare Gun

Other Changes

This will likely be the most updated section of the article. We’ll continue to inform you with all of the changes that the community discovers as they get their hands on the new season.

  • Car spawn rate reduced by 30%
  • Common Assault Rifle damage from 30 to 35
  • Uncommon Assault Rifle damage from 31 to 35
  • Rare Assault Rifle damage from 33 to 35
  • Legendary Scar damage from 36 to 35
  • Chest spawn rates reduced from 100% to 70%
  • Old Mythic bosses have been removed
  • Can Sidegrade a Charge Shotgun to a Pump and back again

New items

  • Fire Trap
  • Dr. Doom’s Mythical Bomb
  • Groot’s Bramble Shield


How to earn the free Fortnite Crew emote in Season 5

Epic Games are offering players who sign up for the Fortnite Crew membership a free, exclusive emote for a limited time.



Monthly Crew Pack leaked image

Epic Games is offering players a free emote to go with their Fortnite Crew membership in Fortnite Season 5.

The Fortnite Crew membership is an interesting idea. Players can sign up for the system for $11.99 per month. In return, they receive the Battle Pass, an exclusive cosmetic set, and 1,000 V-Bucks to use as they please.

January 2021 was the second month of the Crew system, and it wasn’t without its speed bumps. Some players logged in on January 1 to see that their Green Arrow skin pack was nowhere to be found.

Even more players had to wait over 2 weeks to receive their V-Bucks for the month. The system is still new, but it’s clear that Epic have some polishing to do.

As a way to throw Fortnite Crew members a bone, Epic are offering a free “Members Only” emote to anyone who signs up for the Crew pack.

You need to sign up for a Fortnite Crew membership and log into Fortnite before February 15. This timing means that non-members can wait and see what the February cosmetic pack holds before committing.

The Crew membership, when it’s working, is a good deal for dedicated Fortnite players who want to get the most bang for their buck. An exclusive skin, pickaxe, back bling, and 1,000 V-Bucks is well worth the $11.99 price tag.

We’ll let you know when we learn more about the February Fortnite Crew pack. Until then, enjoy Season 5.

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All XP Coin locations for Fortnite Season 5 Week 7

XP Coins have finally returned to Fortnite Season 5. Here’s where you can find all of them as of Season 5 Week 7.



XP Coins have returned to Fortnite Season 5. Here’s where to find all of them as of Season 5 Week 7.

Fortnite Season 5 is offering players a plethora of ways to earn XP and rank up through the Battle Pass. The most recently-added XP-gathering method is through the XP Coins.

Most players will remember XP Coins from the past few seasons. They seemed to be everywhere back then, but they were removed at the start of the season.

Ahead, we’ll give you a map of all the XP coin locations. We’ll make sure to update you as more XP Coins are added to the map.

Fortnite XP Coin locations

XP coins are scattered all across the map. You can find them from Catty Corner to Stealthy Stronghold. Here’s a map of all of the available XP Coins, so far.

We’ll keep this post updated as more XP coins become available. You’ll need to reach level 250 to unlock all of the enlightened skins in Season 5, so finding these will be well worth your time.

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Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 challenge guide

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 challenges are here. Take a look at how to complete all of them in this challenge guide.



Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 is here. Take a look at all of the challenges and how to complete them.

Fortnite Season 5 is chugging along, but there’s still about two months left. The holiday break extended the latest season, so there’s still plenty of time to make your way through the Battle Pass.

The Week 7 challenges are relatively straightforward, with most of them able to be completed without too much effort.

A couple of these challenges will have you searching the same area in Slurpy Swamp, so a favorable bus path in Team Rumble will allow you to complete them in one shot. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Epic Games

Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 challenges

The good news in the Week 7 challenges is that all of them can be completed in Team Rumble. We have a separate article detailing the locations of Books in Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands. You can find that here.

The Legendary challenge requires players to deal damage to opponents in Vehicles. This one is going to be a headache, as there’s no way to force another player to be inside of a car or boat when you shoot them.

Hopefully, you can get into a game of Team Rumble with like-minded enemies – sitting in Motorboats and trading shots with you. If not, it’s going to take some serious gaming to finish this one. Good luck!

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