Reddit user internetadam received a lot of attention yesterday following Fortnite’s reveal of the upcoming Superhero theme for Season 4 after he had made a post on April 23 outlining what he claimed were leaks:

SPOILERS for Season 4 Battle Pass & Meteor from r/FortNiteBR

Based on his early predictions of a frequently updating map (Tilted Towers signs, Televisions turning on with emergency warnings) as well as the Superhero theme, there appears to be some truth to his claims.

Today, internetadam has leaked some additional information regarding Season 4, stating the following in his new post on reddit:

Warning: None of this information is official or confirmed, do not take it as fact.

  • The meteor will be hitting Dusty Depot, and NOT Tilted Towers as so many believe. Epic has thought this area of the map has needed an update for a long time.
  • The map will always be evolving. The map will be updated WEEKLY in Season 4. Epic feels like they had a wasted opportunity with Tilted Towers going up all at once. They would rather have had bulldozers & a few raising cranes one week, then one building go up the next week, two buildings the following week, etc.
  • Moisty Mire will be gone by the end of Season 4.
  • The Season 4 Battle Pass is all Supehero-themed. There will be superhero skins and villain skins (at least 2 of each). They aren’t from Marvel or DC, just Epic’s own characters.

If this is true, this is huge news for Fortnite! Season 4 could see dramatic changes to the map every week with areas like Dusty Depot and Moisty Mire being revamped. Not only this, weekly updates will keep everything fresh, reducing the necessity to see a new map added to the game for some time.

He also claims to have information about Season 5 already, but doesn’t want to share this too soon in fear that things may change.

With Season 4 just around the corner and teasers releasing each day, we’ll find out very shortly whether these leaks are credible. Stay tuned!