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Fortnite Season 4 FNCS Week 3 final results

The FNCS Season 4 qualifiers have wrapped up. Here’s how NA-East, NA-West, and EU looked when the Week 3 qualifiers conlcuded.



The FNCS Season 4 qualifiers have now ended as Week 3 wrapped up this past weekend. Now, we’re onto the Grand Finals next week on all regions and platforms.

Ahead, we’ll give you a breakdown of the top-15 players in each region during the Week 3 qualifiers – although this won’t tell the whole story. NA-east, West, and saw double and triple-qualified teams, meaning more spots will open to teams who qualify through the Season 4 leaderboard. Let’s take a look.

FNCS Week 3 European results

The European region was shrouded in controversy over the weekend, with stream sniping allegations, players leaving, and an overall mess on Twitter. Despite all of this, Jannis and his team won the week with 201 points – the lowest point total of a winner in any of the “Big 3” regions.

We had several double and triple-qualifiers in Europe, this week. It will be interesting to see which teams make it into the Grand Finals on the back of total Season points – with so many spots up for grabs.

  1. MCES and1zr, Wave JannisZ, MCES duckontop
  2. TrainH Umplify, Adnsoefy, TrainH Matsoe
  3. BL Hеn, GO Decyptos, NaVi Putrick
  4. k1nzеll, Wolfiezrr, dumptruсk
  5. E11 Refsgaard, vitality stompyx, skrаm
  6. ATX BlastR, Vitаlity Nikof, TrainH Alphaa
  7. COOLER zq, R0babzr, b1acky.BDS
  8. TrainH Skite, TrainH 팔콘 리, TrainH 야ᄀ소우
  9. Deal with Mappi, DSR Fnajen, LeftEye71
  10. Solarу Floki, Rams Clement, Rams naekoz
  11. FaZe Mongrааl, f1-f2-f3-f4, deal with tayson
  12. Vetle 7, IDrop 7, Playwell Styrsix
  13. Vitality é9ki.èq, Vatо, leo the crackrr
  14. EP Aleksa, GXR Milаn, сhapix 74
  15. 1lushaFN, Fury Legendary, OVA RijasR

FNCS Week 3 NA-East results

The Teeam Liquid X NRG squad of Cented, Edgey, and Commandment dominated the NA-East region in Week 3, finishing with 236 points – 20 points above Deyy, Mero, and Reverse2k in second. Zayt, Saf, and Stretch had another strong showing with a third-place finish.

A lot of the teams who finished in the top 15 had already qualified, which means more spots are open to those who place highly on the seasonal leaderboard. Here’s a look at how the top 15 looked when the last week of qualifiers ended.

  1. TSM_Comadon, Liquid ilililil, NRG Edgey
  2. TNA Deyy, TNA Mero., Reverse2k
  3. NRG Zayt, TSM saffy, Liquid STREMON
  4. LG Jampеr ψ, bughа, C9 Avery
  5. NRG СІіх, illеst, FаZe Bizzle
  7. LG Slackes, Acоrn, Vanish ʝahq
  8. Crumblerr, Nexybtw, Marzz_Ow
  9. FaZe Megga., Liquid Riversan, FаZe Dubs ϟ
  10. Degеn, Ajerss, SEN Animal
  11. GАВΕ, tаhi, sprite dabdabdab
  12. zum ., skqttles, NRG Ronaldo
  13. Јoji, Kn1pher, TabzG
  14. Ghost Nittle, Mikeу., Ghost clarityG
  15. vsB pgod, Alliege, Jelty

FNCS Week 3 NA-West results

The team of Little, Temple B, and Pelican took home the victory in Week 3 of the FNCS qualifiers with 227 points – ten points above Kenshi, Maken, and Dog in second. Unsurprisingly, Arkham, Rehx, and Epikwhale came in third place, with Reet, Wavydfavs, and dwavy behind them.

The NA-West region might be them ost top-heavy in all of Fortnite. Will this only be a three or four team race? We’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

  1. LITTLEǃ, TEMPLE B, clg pelican
  2. kenshiメ, mаken, TD Dоg
  3. 100T Arkhram., 100T rehx, NRG EpikWhale
  4. XΤRA Reet, wavydfavs13, EP dwavy13
  5. CLG symetrical, NorCal Mony, jayrosez
  6. NorCal Nol, NorCal Pepper., Apex Swarm
  7. xtra caleb, XTRA Bumboy, XTRA verT
  8. kuuzii, qCu17aH21cNO4k, Lollicker
  9. ThaiTanks, 5G KADENOX, vanish sake
  10. avail Ѵ, breaduh, Verno.
  11. S2 alithy, wavydrift13, Outcast Frap
  12. slіmXX, Nitrixǃ, zinqxzǃ
  13. Kewlǃ, BeckTHD., MilkManFN
  14. kаrp, coоpеr, Aiden eh 30
  15. Pure snаcky, pure unsightly, pure chriѕ

We’ll be back next week with more coverage of the FNCS Season 4 Grand Finals in each region. Make sure to stay up to date with all things Fortnite by following us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.

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Fortnite nerfs the Visualize Sound Effects range in Season 3 update

The most broken feature of Chapter 3 has now finally received a nerf and players couldn’t be happier. Here’s the latest on that.



Fortnite footsteps

After a long wait, Epic finally fixes the most broken feature of Fortnite that sweats were just tired of ever since the beginning of Chapter 3. Visualize Sound Effects was a feature which was recently nerfed in an update where players got to experience it as they jumped into a Battle Royale match.

Fortnite has had a history of broken features and glitches that have been well exploited by the player community over the last few years. From XP Glitch Maps to weapons meta, players have been using these exploits to gain a gameplay advantage that sometimes ends up getting them banned for their actions.

While some actions or exploits get them banned, others are just bugs in the game that is an error from the developer’s end that they take it casual enough to fix. One such exploit that was legit in the game was Visualize Sound Effects in sound settings.

When one enables the option, they can see visual cues of chests, gunfire, footsteps, reboot vans or even if someone is healing nearby. This then aids a player in judging the direction where the activity is happening and respond to it.

Ever since Chapter 3, this option was broken as players were able to hear the sound of gunfire, footsteps or even healing from afar which was an advantage to several sweats who always love to rush their opponents and engage in close combat. But in a recent update in Season 3, Epic finally decided to nerf it for good.

Epic nerfs Visualize Audio range as it’s not broken anymore

In last week’s update of v21.10, Epic nerfed the range of Visualize Sound Effects option as it was one of the most broken features in the game. Players weren’t informed nor were aware of this major change that took place in Fortnite until they tried it out themselves.

The update has fixed the distance and the radius of the Visual Audio cues one gets upon going near Chests, hearing footsteps or gunfire. After the update, players will only be able to see visual cues if they are approx. 100m close to the objects or their opponents which is a major relief to casual players or campers.

While casual players or noobs enjoy this news, sweats are surely unhappy and so are players who basically need these hearing aid options in-game to help them orient their gameplay. Moreover, this major change by Epic in one of the oldest Fortnite settings was not announced in any of the patch notes or their official Twitter handle, which it should have, according to the player-base.

However, players think that this fix might be a random update as Visual Audio has always been messy in-game ever since it was added. From reboot vans sounding from miles away to footsteps being heard from a long distance, Epic still needs to put in some work to fix those audio issues.

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Fortnite leak shows two major POIs getting the Reality Bloom effect soon

Reality Bloom is a phenomenon that is wildly spreading across the island as it modifies several POIs. Here are a few more locations that might get that effect in the coming weeks.



fortnite reality bloom

Fortnite Season 3 centers around the Zero Point blessing the island with colors and the mighty Reality Tree spreading its roots across the island. The bloom effect the roots create along several POIs further result in the return of classic locations from the Chapter 1 map.

The mystery behind the flora of the Reality Tree has been revolving across fan theories, leaks and concepts created by the Fortnite player-base. Loopers are having their share of fun with looting from their Reality Saplings and seeing the return of Chapter 1 locations merging with several current POIs as a result of the Reality Bloom effect.

To summarize, when the Reality Tree spreads its roots across the island and grows an extension of itself on a POI, it causes several realities to merge, which in turn merges a POI with another from another point in time. This phenomenon is coined as Reality Bloom effect by the player community.

In the past, players have seen the return of Temple Ruins, Coral Castle and now Neo Tilted in POIs like Logjam, Butter Barn etc. that have all undergone through the Reality Bloom effect. Latest leak shows two more locations that are about to undergo a major change as the roots of the Reality Tree have just begun to spread further.

Sleepy Sound and Condo Canyon are about to undergo the “Reality Bloom Effect” soon

Two major POIs known for its expansive architecture and loot pool, Condo Canyon and Sleepy Sound are under the radar of the Reality Tree next. The two locations will soon see the extensions of the roots of the mysterious tree and will get a Reality Bloom effect.

The effect would then bring POIs such as Tilted Town, Neo Tilted, Coral Castle, Coliseum and Lazy Links to the two locations currently on the map. These POIs are a combination of Chapter 1 & 2 locations whose realities are being merged by the Reality Tree.

Although the effect does bring back fan favorite locations back into the game without any explanation, some loopers speculate that the island might be in grave danger. The mysterious figure that appeared at the end of the Chapter 3 Season 3 trailer has not been seen before and is being called as Bloomwatcher by the player base.

Furthermore, there are theories that the Zero Point might already be causing chaos around the island and the Imagined Order was right to contain it along the Bridge. Now that it is free, the island is undergoing major changes and is running wilder than before.

The mystery of the Zero Point remains as loopers continue to enjoy their time in this madness caused by the chaotic Reality Blooms across their favorite POIs. All that the players ever wanted was the Chapter 1 map to return but it isn’t turning out the way it was supposed to be.

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Fortnite Fall Guys event leaked: How to complete Crown Clash challenges

A much anticipated collab between Fortnite and Fall Guys is finally coming to the looped Battle Royale with some rewards and challenges. Here’s how you can do them.



fortnite fall guys

Fall Guys is one of the most popular Battle Royale games that went viral ever since its release due to its healthy gameplay and exciting obstacle based games. Its collaboration with Fortnite has been teased for over a year and leaks show that it is finally arriving in the form of an in-game event with challenges that offer rewards to those who participate in it.

The collaborations between Fortnite and several video games always keeps the player base at their feet as they wait for their favorite characters to enter the loop. Moreover these collabs result in either in-game items, challenges or Item Shop cosmetics that loopers do not hesitate spending their precious V-Bucks on.

From Street Fighter to God of War, players have seen characters from various franchises arrive to the Gaming Legends series of cosmetics to the Item Shop. Most recently, players saw a brief collab with Among Us cosmetics, as the game finally arrived to Epic Games store a while ago.

However, the collab only consisted of a Back Bling and an emote which was rather disappointing but fans still bought the cosmetics from the Item Shop, given the game’s popularity. Now that Fall Guys is free on Epic Games Store, the collab between the two is arriving in Fortnite with certain challenges that rewards the participants with in-game cosmetics.

How to complete Fall Guys Crown Clash Challenges in Fortnite Season 3

Fortnite x Fall Guys collab is set to enter Fortnite on June 29 in-game with the release of Crown Clash Challenges. The challenges will go on until July 11 which means players will have less than a couple weeks to complete all the challenges and claim their rewards.

Players would need to complete these challenges in 5 rounds. This might suggest that these challenges would take place in a Creative map rather than the traditional Battle Royale approach.

Loopers who complete these in Fortnite will get 5 free cosmetics right in their locker which will only be exclusive to those completing all the challenges. Moreover, if players have their Epic ID linked to their Fall Guys account, they will receive 3500 Kudos after the completion of these challenges, in their Fall Guys account to spend in-game.

However, the challenges also seem to affect the points one could get in Rocket League, as per the leaks. Although, this might be a possibility as Rocket League cars were spotted in a leak to appear soon in the Fortnite island back again.

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