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Fortnite Season 2 teaser breakdown live blog (updated)

Take a look at all of the Fortnite Season 2 teasers and what they mean here.



Take a look at all of the Fortnite Season 2 teasers and what they mean here.

Epic is going all-in on the teasers for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. They seem to be dropping a new one every few hours, leading to more speculation about what the new season will bring.

Those who missed the previous teasers can view our articles on them here:

As you can see, we already have five articles spanning three days – and that’s not counting all of the theories coming out of the Fortnite Season 2 hype.

It’s much easier to keep everything in a nice, neat package. That’s what we’ve done, here. So, from here on out, we’re going to be discussing all of the Fortnite Season 2 teasers below, starting with the sixth online teaser for this week’s release (2/18 1:00 PM EST).

Epic Games

The image of a gas canister in this teaser creates a theme of explosives in Fortnite Season 2. We saw dynamite in the last picture, and now a canister. We also heard an “explosive specialist” mentioned in one of the recordings from the promotional posters.

The new teaser also appears to be a fragmented puzzle, similar to the mask in yesterday’s teaser. We’ll give you an update if/when the community pieces it together.

(2/18 5:00 PM EST) The community has cracked the code. It appears as though the pieces fit together to make the hero symbol from Season 4. There is also reportedly an unreleased ‘Omega Remix’ skin in the game files.

Via: u/StereoMissile

Will we be returning to the hero/villain theme of Season 4? At the very least, this teaser presents the idea that we’ll be clashing with the past.

(2/18 7:05 PM EST) Another Item Shop teaser. This one should be the last of the day. It follows the same ‘explosives’ theme we’ve been seeing with most of these.

(2/18 7:50 PM EST) Epic released a slightly different version of the teaser that we see in-game. The Fortnite Twitter account posted an image of the bomb with the word “DANGER” in several different languages.

You can see an area of the Fortnite map at the top-left corner of the image as well. This will be the location of the assumed Oil Rig in Season 2. It wasn’t long before SquattingDog and others found where it will be planted.

The bomb from the teaser also closely resembles an unfinished glider that was leaked a few weeks ago. It’s fair to assume that we’ll be getting this as part of the Battle Pass in Season 2.

(2/19 9:15 AM EST) The final day of teasers began with the “declassifeowied” message that all but confirms the Agent Meowscles leaks and theories that began a few weeks ago.

The teaser shows some sort of rocket in the center of the screen along with something that resembles a constellation on the right. The ‘Nine Lives’ message is clearly a reference to Agent Meowscles, whatever role he plays in all of this.

The other noteworthy part of the teaser is the ‘AS’ message. As many expected, Epic was spelling ‘Midas’ with these teasers.

(2/19 11:05 AM EST) It appears as though we have our second reference to Chapter 1 Season 4 in the new teaser. This image appears to be of the Visitor’s rocket, which you could originally find as a hologram in the Villain Lair in Season 4. Take a look ar our full article on the topic here.

(2/19 2:04 PM EST) We have yet another teaser for Fortnite Season 2 that hammers-home the ‘Agent Meowscles’ cat theme. This guy had better be a massive player in Season 2.

The primary image of the teaser appears to be a ball of yarn with two mouse grenades attached – on-brand for a cat.

There also appears to be several constellations, a cat face in the corner, and a new location that will undoubtedly be unveiled by the community soon. Stay tuned for that.

(2/19 7:10 PM EST) We have what will likely be our final teaser for Season 2. If it wasn’t already clear, Agent Meowscles is going to be a major player in the next season of Fortnite.

These symbols, or constellations, probably mean something as well, although no one seems to have cracked the code just yet. This one might go unsolved until Fortnite Season 2 releases.

As always, we’ll have you covered on all of the Season 2 changes, leaks, and (hopefully) patch notes.

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Fortnite v15.21 update patch notes: Predator, Mythic Item, New Quests

Fortnite’s v15.21 update has shaken things up again, adding Predator and a brand new Mythic Item to the mix.



Fortnite predator

Today’s Fortnite v15.21 update has shaken things up again in the battle royale game, adding Predator and a brand new Mythic Item to the mix.

The game has been subject to weekly updates for a long time now, meaning content is given a slight refresh some weeks, and on others things can change a bit more dramatically.

On January 20, after the latest patch was rolled out, it’s fair to say that not a lot of things have been tweaked.

In the absence of official patch notes, which have been vaulted since before Chapter 2 even began, we’ve rounded up the changes confirmed already by players and leaks.

Fortnite v15.21 patch notes


Fortnite Predator skin
Predator has arrived in Fortnite. Credit: Epic Games.

Predator is the latest crossover character to arrive in Fortnite, now available to fight at the Stealthy Stronghold location. The skin is also coming to the Fortnite Item Shop, along with some cosmetics – such as a pickaxe.

New Mythic Item: Predator Cloak Device

One of the biggest, and most exciting, elements of Predator’s arrival is the new Mythic Item it adds to the game. The Predator Cloak Device is now active in-game, and once it’s been found and activated, players can use it to turn invisible.

To get one, check out our complete guide here. It’s fairly easy to achieve.

New Quests

More Quests have been added to the Battle Pass for Season 5, following the v15.21 update.

The full list of these can be seen below, courtesy of HYPEX.

New Fortnite Quests. Credit: HYPEX.

Bug fixes and other changes

According to the official Fortnite Trello board, a number of things have changed – including general issues and things specifically impacting the BR mode.

General Top Issues

  • When playing Fortnite, players cannot create system-level parties that include players on both PS5 and PS4.
  • The Jumpshot Outfit is missing its facial hair.
  • The Banner menu may be unresponsive to controller inputs, causing players to have difficulty editing their Banner with a controller or the Banner not updating properly.
  • We’re investigating an issue that is causing players to experience a long loading screen after completing a session on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.
  • The sound effect of certain actions, such as opening a Chest or hitting a Weak Point, may be delayed.

Battle Royale

  • In competitive playlists, players do not have access to their persistent stash of Bars. Instead, they are granted a set amount at the beginning of each match. This is intended. However, your end total of Bars in competitive playlists may appear in the Lobby in place of your persistent stash. This is a visual issue only.
  • The weekly Legendary Quest to ‘Get Headshots’ is not always visible after completing the first stage of the quest.
  • Players may receive damage mid-air when falling inside a car.
  • Players and Spectators may notice inconsistent camera behavior or stuttering after being near a Car they recently drove then exited.
  • Total Bars appearing as 0 in a match.
  • Assets appearing invisible in Performance Mode alpha.
  • Game freezing when going to the Compete tab on PlayStation/Xbox.
  • Sand Tunneling temporarily disabled.

As is the case every week with these unofficial patch notes, it’s an ever changing beast. If we find something that’s changed and not been included here in the Fortnite v15.21 patch notes, we’ll update you as quickly as we can.

Until then, jump in and see for yourself! Remember to thank the bus driver…

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How to go invisible in Fortnite with Predator Cloak Device

Predator has arrived in Fortnite just a week after the character’s ship landed, and he’s brought a brand new weapon.



Fortnite cloaking device

Predator has arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale just a week after the character’s ship landed on the island, and he’s brought a brand new weapon – or ability – to the fight.

One of the most sought after abilities in Fortnite, pretty much since Day 1, has been finding ways to turn invisible. Out of sight for enemies, and handing yourself a huge advantage.

In the past, this has been achieved with exploits using previously added invisibility items, or just glitches that make players pretty much impossible to take down.

However, a legitimate way of doing that – for a limited time – is now in the game.

How to use Predator’s Cloak device in Fortnite

The first-look footage of the Predator Cloak Device shows that the process of actually using it is quite simple.

As seen below, in a post from HYPEX, all you have to do is activate it once you have stumbled upon one and you’ll instantly turn invisible.

This is not the first item to be added to Fortnite that turns players invisible, with Shadow Stones appearing in the past, though developers will be hoping the rollout of this ability doesn’t turn out to be as glitchy as those that have came before it.

Cloak Device stats

Not only do we know how it works already, but also the stats for it as well. It lasts 30 seconds and requires a cooldown each time of the same amount, seen below from HYPEX again.

Players can activate this, of course, though we’re now aware the NPC Predator can also do it. This is going to make the character slightly harder to defeat than others.

How to get Fortnite Predator Cloak Device

The Predator Device can be obtained by taking down Predator in-game, much like any other boss the game’s added during Season 5.

After visiting Predator’s location and striking the character down, it will drop the following, as well as ammo and Floppers.

That’s it! Now you know how to use the Predator Cloak Device, and it looks like it’s going to be quite tricky to get one in-game – especially if the NPC is using it to escape your gunfire!

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Fortnite v15.21 leaked skins and cosmetics: Predator, Soccer, Crew Pack

Epic Games have added a boat load of new skins to Fortnite Battle Royale following the rollout of patch v15.21.



Fortnite Predator skin

Epic Games have added a boat load of new skins to Fortnite Battle Royale following the rollout of patch v15.21, and finally leaks have revealed just how the Predator skin will look – as well as some cosmetics!

One of the game’s biggest revenue streams is skins and cosmetics, where players can purchase a number of sets to make their in-game character look like others from famous franchises.

In a world full of crossovers, we now know for certain that Predator is joining the action. The extraterrestrial’s ship was found last week, and this week the entire skin set for Predator has been revealed – coupled with a Predator Pickaxe and a leaked Cloaking Device, which turns you invisible.

So, without further ado, let’s run through all of the v15.21 leaked skins and cosmetics.

Fortnite leaked skins and cosmetics: Update v15.21


After being confirmed by Epic Games to be coming soon, a number of fresh soccer skins have been decrypted from the code. These can be seen in a post from ShiinaBR, just confirming how they will look in-game.

Fans will be aware that some of these have been revealed early for the FaZe City Cup, where players will be given the chance to earn them early – and for free!

Not only that, but the whole Predator set has also been leaked – seen below from HYPEX.

Last, but not least, is what appears to be the next Crew Pack. Images have not yet been leaked here, though we do have a name by the looks of it.


As seen below, from Lucas7Yoshi and VastBlast, a selection of Sprays, Emotes, and other cosmetics have been added.

If any more skins or cosmetics leak, we’ll be the first to let you know and update this article.

With Predator joining the action as an NPC and a skin in the works, are you excited? Let us know which items you are setting your sights on next!

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