Epic has released another Fortnite Season 2 teaser that shows a familiar face and data miners have found the name of the new season.

Epic isn’t giving us any room to breathe with the Fortnite Season 2 teasers, today. It’s only noon EST and we’ve already received two teaser images to start the day.


The first image was relatively benign. All it showed was the now-infamous gold handprint with a redacted message or code at the bottom.

The second teaser image of the day is more interesting. It showed a fragmented face with a target to put the puzzle back together. It wasn’t long before members of the community did just that.

The Chaos Agent has been pulling the strings of Fortnite Chapter 2 from behind the scenes – at least if the loading screens are any indication. He’s watching all of the happenings on the island, and may even be the one controlling them.

If you look at all of the messages from the real-life Fortnite Season 2 promotions, you find a common theme of ‘The Agency’ mentioned throughout. Could the Chaos Agent be one of them?

This leads us into the potentially leaked title for Fortnite Season 2: Take Over. Data miners have found this title in the in-game files. At the very least, this is the internal name for the next season.

So that’s what we have right now. For those keeping track, we know this about Season 2: gold will play a role, the Chaos Agent is involved, the internal name for the season is ‘Take Over.’ Everything else is speculation.

There’s sure to be a lot more information ahead of the Fortnite Season 2 release date of February 20. Stay tuned for more leaks, teasers, speculation, and everything in between.

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