The Iris skin was once thought to be a Samsung exclusive skin, but a new leak has now confirmed it’ll be included in a Starter Pack in Fortnite Season 2.

Thanks to the new Season 2 update, dataminers have had plenty of new content to dive into and they have been leaking things left and right.


We’ve already seen a nice selection of skins and cosmetics, even some future challenges, and now we have gotten our first look at a new Starter Pack.

Another Starter Pack is presumably on the way.

These packs have traditionally been an easy way for players to get some V-Bucks and cosmetics for a low price. The surprise here is that the Iris skin is actually part of it as it was previously rumored to be a Samsung exclusive like several skins have been in the past.

There was never anything definitive saying it’d be an exclusive, but fans and leakers just assumed that’d be the case. On February 20, Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi confirmed the skin will be part of a bundle that’s available to everyone.

No release date has been announced for the pack as of yet, but it will come with the skin, a pickaxe, back bling and some V-Bucks.

Starter Packs have traditionally been priced at around $5, so we’re likely looking at something similar here, but it remains to be seen. They make for some excellent value and they’ll reward 600 V-Bucks in return, so players would essentially get their money back.

With the current pack scheduled to leave the store on February 25, at least according to the Nintendo Switch eShop, it’s possible we’ll be seeing this Iris Starter Pack hit the store a whole lot sooner than we might have expected.

Fortnite Season 2 sure has gotten off to a fast start and we’ll just have to hope Epic can keep the ball rolling as we move forward.

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