Fortnite sounds like it is getting ready to go Sicko Mode after a line about Travis Scott was found in the files.

There have been plenty of leaks already to get Fortnite fans hyped for the new season, but there are even more pouring in.


The popular rapper Travis Scott appears to be on the cusp of making an appearance in the game as either a skin or something bigger.

Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi revealed a line in the game’s code that mentions the rapper, which creates a whole host of opportunities.

If you think back to about a year ago when Marshmello entered the game with a skin, he held a concert in Fortnite that broke viewership records.

Could you even imagine how insane it’d be to have a Travis Scott concert take place in the game? Epic Games certainly has the power to make that sort of thing happen and it could be the first major event of the new season.

Keep in mind that just because something leaks doesn’t necessarily mean it will come to the game, but that hasn’t stopped players from going crazy about this one.

The Fortnite Icon Series opens the door for many options.

There’s currently no timetable for a release here, but considering how it’s in the files, we’d have to imagine it’ll be showing up sooner rather than later.

A good way for Epic to introduce Scott into the game would be through the Icon Series program. This new program that was started last season was a way for the developers to give back and reward the creators who have supported Fortnite over the years.

We’ve seen Ninja, Pokimane, and Jordan Fisher all receive emotes or skins through the Icon Series, so perhaps Travis Scott could be the next one on the list.

This will definitely end up being something worth keeping an eye on as we progress through the season.

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