Another set of missions have released with Week 9 of Season 10, and SquatingDog has released a cheat sheet to help guide players to complete them quickly.

With the recent v10.40 patch release players were welcomed to a whole new set of missions, the addition of Starry Suburbs, and more.

Every Thursday there are a new set of missions that release for players to complete that will reward them with Battle Pass rewards and in-game experience. Once players complete three missions, they will be able to find the hidden Battle Star.

While some players enjoy completing the missions on their own, other’s prefer to wait for cheat sheets to become available so they can complete missions quickly. With only a few weeks left in Season 10, there is not much time to earn experience towards the Battle Pass, so using a cheat sheet is certainly time efficient.

SquatingDog, one of the most popular cheat sheet creators, posted his official graphic on Twitter for fans to use.

IMG: SquatingDog

Be sure to stop by his Twitter and thank him for all his hard work. The Week 9 cheat sheet shows the location for each mission, which is a time-consuming task.

Here are all the normal Bullseye missions:

  • Land on 1 Bullseye
  • Hit 50 Weak Points while harvesting
  • Get 1 elimination with a Sniper Rifle
  • Hit 1 easy firing range target
  • Complete four skydiving courses over Fatal Fields after jumping from the Battle Buss
  • Hit 10 headshots
  • Destroy 2 Loot Carriers from 50 meters away

Here are the prestige Bullseye missions:

  • Hit 5 consecutive Weak Points while harvesting
  • Destroy 1 Loot Carrier from 100 meters away
  • Hit 3 headshots in a single match
  • Hit 1 hard firing range target
  • Complete the skydiving course over Dusty Depot after jumping from the Battle Bus
  • Hit 3 headshots with a Scoped weapon
  • Land a Bottle Flip on a target near a giant fish, llama, or pig

Be sure to complete your missions before Season 10 ends in a couple of weeks! The last set of missions will release on Thursday, October 3, unless Epic delays them.