Missions are the new challenges for Fortnite’s tenth season and cheat sheets are still helpful to players to complete them in a timely manner.

Fortnite’s v10.30 released on September 11 which saw the return of Greasy Grove and a new Moisty Palms due to new Rift Zones.

Like clockwork, there is a new set of missions that release for players to complete along with a set of limited-time missions that are only unlocked for 24 hours.

Season 10, Week 7’s limited-time mission set, Team Spirit, is based on teamwork.

Team Spirit cheat sheet

ItsEnergie posts all-inclusive cheat sheets each week that works as a guide to help players complete missions quickly.

Missions in Season 10 have two sets for players to complete – Normal and prestige. Players have to complete the normal missions to unlock the prestige missions.

Below are both cheat sheets for normal and prestige Team Spirit challenges, respectively.

IMG: ItsEnergie

The first seven Team Spirit missions are rather straightforward, and tasks players to complete specific challenges. The normal missions can be completed by simply playing with friends.

IMG: ItsEnergie

The second set is where things becoming a bit more challenging since players need to complete specific tasks with items, like healing with campfires. Thankfully we have this quick guide to help us complete them all effectively.

Week 7 Team Spirit rewards

Players will see a progress bar showing them what rewards they will earn next! It’s certainly an upgrade compared to previous seasons.

Fans will be rewarded with the following rewards for completing normal Team Spirit missions:

Normal Team Spirit rewards
  • 50 Battle Stars
  • 5,000 in-game experience
  • Rare Sparkle Strider Glider

Here are the rewards for completing prestige Team Spirit missions:

Prestige Team Spirit rewards
  • 5,000 in-game experience
  • Sparkle Emoji
  • Sparkle Supreme Skin Style for Starlite outfit

Remember that the Team Spirit mission set for both normal and prestige will be gone forever on September 19, so be sure to complete them in time!

Have you been enjoying weekly missions or do you prefer the old style of having an entire set of challenges for each season?