Missions make up the back bone of Battle Pass completion in Season X and cheat sheets can help you complete them efficiently.

With patch v10.10, Epic Games released a Rift Zone at Retail Row along with the return of the Fiends (Zombies). As with every other week, new missions were also added in the Thursday update.

Week 3’s missions specifically revolve around the Rift Zones and their effects on the map. The Worlds Collide set of challenges brings two tiers of challenges, normal and Prestige. The completion of these can be significantly hastened by using a community created cheat sheet.

Season X Week 3 ‘Worlds Collide’ Cheat Sheet

Right on schedule, @ItsEnergie crafted a pair of cheat sheets for the Week 3 missions. Unlike with previous Seasons, two maps are needed due to the added Prestige missions. These are slightly harder versions of the original mission for dedicated players.

Here are the two cheat sheets for Week 3 ‘World Collide’ missions.

Normal Worlds Collide Missions

Week 3 Normal Cheat Sheet

Prestige Worlds Collide Missions

Week 3 Prestige Cheat Sheet

Be sure to pop by ItsEnergie’s Twitter to give him a nice ‘thank you.’ These cheat sheets do take time to craft and we like Energie’s visual style which allows for easy viewing while still giving off a professional appearance. You can also thank the creator whenever he is live at twitch.tv/itsenergie.

Week 3 Worlds Collide Missions Rewards

We’ve got to admit…that’s a clean looking Glider!

Of course, what’s the point of completing challenges if there’s no reward? Epic Games has really upped the ante with more rewards than every in Season X. The typical, per-challenge reward system has been replaced with a progression bar for each mission set.

Normal & Prestige missions both have their own reward paths.

Normal Worlds Collide Missions Rewards

Normal Week 3 rewards
  • 50 Battle Stars
  • 5000 XP
  • Rift Rider Rare Glider

Prestige Worlds Collide Missions Rewards

Prestige Week 3 rewards
  • 5000 XP
  • Catalyst Spray
  • Catalyst (Snowstorm) Style

How far along the Battle Pass tier trail are you in Season X? Don’t worry if you are bit behind as these challenges can be completed at any point during the season. We’ll keep providing you additional information about upcoming opportunities to earn Battle Stars as they arrive. Happy hunting!