The end of each Fortnite season is always special. The biggest in-game events are reserved for the final days of each season.

The end of Season 9 promises to be one of the most exciting yet. To start, we likely have a monster showdown between whatever was in the Iceberg and the giant robot being built at the pressure plant. But we also have the Fortnite World Cup – the largest esports event ever by prize pool – happening around the same time.

Usually predicting the end of a season is relatively easy. Challenges give us solid clues and seasons run about ten weeks. But Season 9 is different because it holds one of Epic’s two-week vacations – which we are in right now.

The last time the company did this during the holidays, Season 7 was extended an extra two weeks. That seems likely this time as well.

A ten week season would end on July 18th, but that is just one week before the World Cup. The outrage from pro players if Epic changed the map and loot pool a week before the competition would be insane.

When does Fortnite Season 10 Start?

Instead, they will take the extra two weeks, hold the World Cup on the Season 9 map/meta and start fresh right after. That timeline points to a start date of August 1st.

A new event will be perfect to keep the game fresh after the World Cup. Even pro players and streamers who want to take a break will probably come back for a giant robot vs. monster battle.

We even have a possible leak that points towards a start date of August 1st. The PlayStation Store held an event for the launch of Season 9 but they set the end date as August 1st, something Epic absolutely reprimanded them for.

Whoops, that date wasn’t supposed to be there

While this start date hasn’t been officially confirmed by Epic, with the other two pieces of evidence coming from the World Cup and the timeline being stretched because of vacation, we can reasonably say Fortnite season 10 will begin on August 1st.

Are you excited for the new season? What area do you want to see wiped out in the eventual battle?

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