Battle Pass Missions drop weekly in Season X and the next two weeks of tasks have been leaked with patch v10.10.

Patch v10.10 released on August 14 with a plethora of content including the reintroduction of Retail Row and the accursed Fiends. Similar to any other major patch, Epic Games has slipped in a sizable amount of upcoming event and item data.

In addition to leaks about the new ‘Junk Rift’ item, we’ve also been able to get our hands on the next two weeks of missions.

Missions replaced challenges with the release of Season X, so let’s jump in and see what we’ll tasked with completing in weeks 3 & 4.

Week 3 & 4 Season X Battle Pass Missions Leaked

Instead of the typical split of premium and free challenges, Epic decided to mix things up (as they do) for Season X. Battle Pass owners unlock access to a new set of missions each week in addition to the weekly limited time missions. Each mission set has an unique name like ‘Shootout at Sundown’.

Mission sets for Week 3 & 4 were leaked by trusted data miner, @Lucas7yoshi.

The left images depict the rewards for each week and the right images depict the missions themselves. Prestige missions are included in the bottom half of the mission images.

There’s nothing overly surprising in amongst this newly revealed set of missions. It’s mostly your usual challenges with a few location based ones thrown into the mix. We’ll have guides up on applicable missions once the set officially releases on Thursday, August 15.

One point of interest are the cube memorials mentioned in two of the missions. These are small monuments added into the game as of patch v10.10 which commemorate the events of Kevin the Cube.

In Week 4 we see significant changes to the missions “meta” as Epic looks to up the ante. The theme behind ‘Smash & Grab’ centers around speed. Each objective tasks players with completing a certain requirement within an allotted time limit. It’s actually quite rare to see these types due to their overall increased difficulty.

The best way to complete these will most certainly be the Team Rumble mode. While you could easily & quickly loot chests in core modes, there’s barely any risk of doing so in the team deathmatch variant.

How are you coming along with your Season X Battle Pass? Tiers are easier to come by than ever due to an increased number to surefire ways to earn Battle Stars. The changes have regrettably hit free players hard as they’ve been further limited. Still, it’s one of the better changes of the season.